Brock Lesnar Wants to Come Back Against Roy Nelson After Loss To Cain Velasquez

Leon HorneAnalyst INovember 2, 2010

LAS VEGAS - FEBRUARY 29:  Roy Nelson white trunks of Lion's Den celebrates his victory over Fabiano Scherner red trunks of Team Quest during their Heavyweight title bout at The Orleans Arena on February 29, 2008 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Bryan Alvarez of The Wrestling Observer live radio show reported today with near 100 percent certainty that a match up with Ultimate Fighter winner Roy Nelson is what Brock Lesnar has asked for as a comeback fight. Alvarez went on to say that he believes the UFC will probably offer Lesnar a third encounter with Frank Mir as his comeback fight.

For now this is obviously all up in the air, as Lesnar has to serve out his 60 day minimum medical suspension and up to six months pending medical clearance. Roy Nelson has definitely been in the rumor mill as a possible opponent for Brock Lesnar, considering the fact that Nelson was dropped from UFC 125 after his opponent Shane Carwin had to pull out due to back and neck injuries requiring surgery.

A rematch with Shane Carwin is swirling around, but the problem is nobody knows what the time line on Carwin's return will be.

After Frank Mir's lackluster performance against an over the hill Mirko Filipovic and the beating he sustained at the hands of both Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin, the third stanza between Brock and Frank just doesn't have the right kind of appeal.

Roy Nelson vs Brock Lesnar is a great matchup for both guys in terms of getting back in the running for a title shot.

Roy Nelson is coming off a loss to the next heavyweight challenger in Junior Dos Santos and Brock Lesnar is coming off his own destruction at the hands of Cain Velasquez, where he lost his title. For Roy, Brock is the level of competition he needs to face to get into title contention and for Brock, Roy has the ranking to put Brock back on track to get his title back if victorious.

Nelson is similar to Frank Mir in respect to his grappling, but the advantages that Nelson possesses are the ability to take a shot and the power in his punches to knock a man clean out. Lesnar would have to be careful with a guy like Roy Nelson and he would definitely need to work on rounding out his game a bit more for this fight.

Lesnar, on the other hand, doesn't pose a great threat to Roy Nelson on his feet, but if the heavyweight behemoth Brock Lesnar is able to drag Roy Nelson to the ground, it could be a long night for Roy.

In any case, the contrast in styles and the extreme contrast in physiques for these two make for an intriguing match up and with the timing seeming to be right, it looks like this fight may very well happen in spring of 2011.