We Need a Champion With Hart: Why Natalya Deserves the WWE Divas Title

Renee GerberCorrespondent INovember 2, 2010

Natalya deserves the Divas Championship! Photo copyright to WWE.com
Natalya deserves the Divas Championship! Photo copyright to WWE.com

Hello, Bleacher readers! To borrow R-Truth's catchphrase, what's up?

Two months ago, I wrote my first article discussing that Melina had to win at WWE pay-per-view Night of Champions against LayCool, and why. Well, today, I am here to tell you that, at this moment in time, we need a champion with heart (I know I spelled it "Hart" in my title, and obviously, there's relevance in the pun). I am, of course, referring to none other than Natalya.

First order of business is that I have to admit to being a tad bit confused. Last week, at Bragging Rights, Layla managed to defeat Natalya to retain the Divas Championship (if very short-term memory serves me correctly, it wasn't referred to as "Unified" last night on RAW). This was of course due to a very weak-looking kick to the head, courtesy of Michelle McCool.

Then, the very next night, on RAW, LayCool appeared for a random tag team match against Melina and Gail Kim. Who didn't expect Natalya to run out after it was over? I know I did, but once again, the WWE strives for its consistent lack of consistency (yes, I know that looks redundant, but that's the effect I'm going for here). Why was there no run-in? Hell, LayCool could have even attacked Melina and Gail after the match that could have been a precursor to a Natalya save. But as you readers know, it didn't happen.

Natalya didn't appear on this past Friday's SmackDown, either. Instead, the only diva action we saw was a failed Halloween costume contest that ended up in an eight-diva tag match. Again, this was random. We got to see Melina (Spiderwoman), Kelly Kelly (Little Bo Peep), and the Bella Twins (Nikki as Batman, Brie as Robin) against LayCool (Layla as Beyonce, McCool as Lady Gaga), Alicia Fox (as Cleopatra), and Rosa Mendes (as a leprechaun, and wait—I thought Rosa was a face these past several months?!). Once again, we were treated to a specific lack of consistency, and in addition, why wasn't Natalya included in this?

Spring forward to last night's RAW. This was when we finally got to see Natalya again and, not only did she appear, she had a match against Michelle McCool. Through LayCool themselves, we discovered that if she won, she would get another title shot against them at Survivor Series. It was a bit surprising, because after more than a week of not seeing the third-generation wrestler, it seemed that her feud with LayCool and subsequent quest for the championship was over.

Natalya ended up victorious after a match that was really only so-so at best, though the ending was most entertaining. I felt cheated by the match, in a way, because—and I swear to you, I watched this bout very closely and carefully—McCool executed literally two actual wrestling maneuvers, my friends—TWO—the body scissors hold and the German suplex!

Now, although I am not a fan of Michelle McCool's by any stretch of the imagination, I would expect more from her. I have always acknowledged that she is a good wrestler. However, last night's match had me longing for the days when she was a babyface and would perform a vast array of impressive moves. But sadly, over the past couple of months, the woman has gotten super lazy in the ring. Natalya had to carry her last night, as did Layla—who provided the real entertainment—on the outside.

Last night's match came to a screeching halt when McCool went to deliver a kick to Natalya, who was over by the ropes, but instead, she got Layla when the former moved out of the way. Natalya then rolled McCool up for the pinfall. So, now, we'll get to see yet another rematch for the title.

Natalya has to win at Survivor Series. If she doesn't, then this entire feud was a pointless waste of time.

The WWE finally needs to once again have a Divas champion who has pride, heart, and integrity. Natalya possesses every one of those qualities. Michelle McCool, as I stated above, has gotten lazy in the ring. She doesn't seem to put any effort in her matches anymore and even seems bored at times during them. As I said, I want to see the McCool of old, not necessarily a face McCool, but the one who executes multiple maneuvers per match. She just doesn't have the heart to pull it off anymore.

Additionally, McCool has been champion on and off for nearly two and a half years now, and it's time for a change! Natalya is a third-generation technical grappler who was trained in her grandfather, Stu Hart's, famous Dungeon. If the WWE doesn't award her with the Divas Championship, then they might as well admit that they don't care about true talent.

Finally, it would make Natalya look like an amateur, and weak, if she loses at Survivor Series. She HAS to win.

I know this won't happen anytime soon, but for starters, to build on having a new champion later this month, LayCool could have yet another miscommunication and split up. Building on what occurred last night on RAW, I could easily see a similar mishap taking place, however, it would more likely be Layla accidentally striking McCool and causing her to lose the match, the title along with it. It would work, because I don't see Michelle being as forgiving as Layla.

Now, I would much rather Natalya win the title via Sharpshooter or even that wicked spinning clothesline of hers, but at this rate, I would settle for a victory similar to the one she had last night. After all, we're long overdue for a champion with real heart!