Why Melina Needs to Win at WWE's Night of Champions

Renee GerberCorrespondent ISeptember 4, 2010

WWE Divas champion Melina, copyright to Melinaesque.net
WWE Divas champion Melina, copyright to Melinaesque.net

So, the WWE has decided to combine their two respective female championships—the SmackDown! Women's title and RAW's Divas title—into one championship. Ever since the news of this broke on the IWC in the form of spoilers for this past week's taped RAW, there has been much speculation and opinion over what should happen.

As a lifelong fan of pro-wrestling, and particularly of the WWE, I am certainly no exception.

I was outraged at this idea. Having WWE Divas champion Melina face off against not just one but two opponents in LayCool—actual Women's champion Layla and self-proclaimed "co-Women's champion" Michelle McCool—and combining the two championships is a horrible idea.

Okay, let me explain my reasoning. I won't lie...I am a huge Melina fan. She ranks as my favorite diva in the WWE today (followed closely by Maryse), and my favorite wrestler in general after Edge. I admire her because of her amazing abilities and innovation in the ring, her personality, and her never-say-die attitude. She is also one of the few women in the company who can cut a good promo. Melina is the total package as far as the WWE's female talent is concerned. Many IWC fans complain that she's overrated and doesn't deserve the championships she's held. I think that's completely wrong. She's paid her dues from day one, ever since appearing on Tough Enough 3. Whether as a heel or a babyface, Melina has always been a fighting champion who brings honor to the whichever title she's held.

The same cannot be said for LayCool.

Please hear me out...I am definitely a fan of Layla, and I'll probably get major heat for this, but if not for the whole "co-Women's champions" thing with Michelle McCool, I doubt the WWE would have made her champion at all.

When Layla first pinned the injured Beth Phoenix to capture the WWE Women's Championship, everyone was sure that Michelle McCool, who looked none too pleased about her win, would turn on her within a week or two tops. In a way, I'm dismayed it never happened. Instead, we've had LayCool, the first-ever so-called "co-Women's champions" ever since, complete with each carrying with a title belt. And frankly, it needs to come to an end.

Since Layla's win, she has had to share her title reign with McCool. Even when SmackDown! General Manager Teddy Long told LayCool that they needed to relinquish one of the two belts, it didn't come to an end. In an infuriating move, we came to realize that Layla's belt was suddenly split in half, and the duo have been walking around sporting the broken halves ever since!

It is a downright disgrace that the WWE would ever entertain the idea of having two women carrying broken halves of the Women's title belt, even if it is just a replica. Such a move is like spitting in the faces of great Women's champions of the past, such as The Fabulous Moolah, Wendi Richter, Lita, and Trish Stratus, just to name a few.

Add in the fact that the only reason Michelle McCool gets to call herself a "champion" alongside Layla is because she is married to Mark "Undertaker" Calaway. Sorry, McCool fans, but it's true, and I'm sure even you all know it.

OK, back to Melina, the original subject of this article: She was challenged by LayCool this past week on RAW, to a unification match in which the winner would get both female titles. Through Melina herself, we found out the bout in question at Night of Champions would be of the lumberjill variety, with all the other divas (minus a strangely-absent Natalya) surrounding the ring. To be honest, I'm not sure if this would benefit Melina or do more harm toward her chances.

In any case, Melina needs to win this match at the pay-per-view. She has to, because she will once again bring honor to the unified championship. I just don't see Layla winning, and if McCool wins—and it wouldn't surprise me one iota if she does—it will just be "another record" she has set; in other words, another perk that she doesn't deserve. Our current Divas champion also doesn't need to go down in the record books looking weak and losing momentum against Michelle, which happened during her entire Women's Championship reign her last stint as a SmackDown! superstar. After all, Melina is the true dominant diva in the WWE—in every way!