NFL Week 8 Predictions: Houston Texans' Arian Foster Leads Rush of 3 Big Upsets

Philip LombardoCorrespondent IOctober 31, 2010

HOUSTON - OCTOBER 17:  Adrian Foster #23 of the Houston Texans runs past cornerback Donald Washington #27 of the Kansas City Chiefs at Reliant Stadium on October 17, 2010 in Houston, Texas.  (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)
Bob Levey/Getty Images

We are nearing the halfway point of the season and every time you turn around it seems like another powerhouse—or team we thought was—is losing to a weaker team, making 2010 chock full of tight divisional races. 

We've seen the defending champion Saints fall at home twice to the Arizona Cardinals and the Cleveland Browns in demoralizing fashion, and we witnessed the mighty Dallas Cowboys' downward spiral into the basement of the league, losing every home game this season to date.

This week in my opinion features some very good games that can go either way, which makes it hard to predict a few big surprise wins. But I promise I'll be bold, and I can almost promise that I'll be correct.


Minnesota Vikings over New England Patriots

Randy Moss gets a chance at revenge just as his team cannot afford another loss at this point in the season.  It looks like Brett Favre's ankle is going to hold up and he will be a go for today, so look for him to pick on New England's young secondary all day.

Tom Brady and the Patriots have been playing as well as anyone, but even at Gillette Stadium, I think the Vikings match up very well with Bill Belichick's boys.  The Vikings defense has been solid all year and I can't see the Vikings offense struggling again this week—they are too balanced to keep faltering.

I think Jared Allen and Kevin Williams will be a nightmare for Brady and with how well the Vikings linebackers are in coverage, it's going to be awfully hard for Welker, Branch and the rest of the receiving corps to find holes in coverage. 

Minnesota cannot survive another loss and desperation will lead them to the win as long as they keep their composure and limit turnovers. 

Minnesota 34, New England 24


Buffalo Bills over Kansas City Chiefs

For a while, it looked as if the Bills didn't belong on the same field as any NFL team, but after the emergence of Ryan Fitzpatrick leading a much-improved offense, Buffalo is poised for a win. 

Call me crazy, but Kansas City isn't as good as their record, and although they are extremely tough to play in Arrowhead, the Bills just took the Ravens to overtime in Baltimore, so this prediction isn't as far-fetched as it seems. 

Chan Gailey has his team believing it can win and as I've said before, confidence is the first step towards greatness.  I'm not saying the Bills are great—they are far from it—but they are due for a win and I think Lee Evans and rising star Steve Johnson can create some problems for this mediocre Chiefs defense.

This is going to be a gritty battle of field goals, ending with the Bills celebrating their first—and possibly their only—victory of the season.

Buffalo 26, Kansas City 23


Houston Texans over Indianapolis Colts

Most people would look at this game and not consider it an upset if either team won, but the Colts are a much different team at home—much faster on the turf and a lot more in sync with each other.

Peyton Manning is a pre-snap genius and commands the field like no other quarterback in the history of the game.  Too bad the Texans are going to lay the smack down on him and the rest of his teammates on national television tomorrow.

Matt Schaub leads an extremely potent and balanced offense looking to sweep Indianapolis for the first time in franchise history and the win would put them comfortably in first place, giving them the tiebreaker with Indy if they were to finish the season with the same records.

The Colts had no answer for Arian Foster in the season opener in Houston and they won't have a solution today.  Accompany that with the fact that they struggle to run the and it is going to be tough to keep up with Houston when you have to stick to the air. 

I mean if anyone can win a football game throwing 60 times and running five times, it's the Colts, but I don't think they match up well at all with Houston and it will lead to another big upset at home in this wacky NFL season.

Houston 38, Indianapolis 34


Obviously I am going out on a limb here and it's extremely hard to predict upsets, especially with how this season has been going, but these games are sure to turn some heads this week and I can't wait to see how they turn out.


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