New Orleans Saints Gamble on Drew Brees, Win the Jackpot

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IAugust 24, 2008

Up to now, many Saints fans have regarded Archie Manning as the greatest New Orleans Saints player ever. Members of the "Dome Patrol," Bobby Herbert, and others have also been regarded as Saints greats, but that soon may change.

See, the Saints have this quarterback that wears No. 9 and just happens to be one of the most accurate quarterbacks in the NFL. He also holds the team record for completions.

If you haven’t figured his name out yet, its Drew Brees.

With the problems surrounding the Saints' secondary and run blocking, many fans have taken Brees for granted. He and Marquis Colston have been hooking up for touchdowns since Colston scored a 12-yard touchdown against Cleveland in the Saints’ 2006 opener, and now Brees seems to have found more than enough targets to throw the ball to.

David Patten has proven to be a reliable target, as has Lance Moore (I don’t see the Saints cutting him anytime soon), and Jeremy Shockey is expected to catch more than a few of Brees’ passes.

The Saints took a chance on Brees in early 2006. They took a chance on a lot of things. The Louisiana Superdome wasn’t ready, they had a brand new head coach, and they were a losing team (they went 3-13 in the 2005-'06 season).

Brees had recently departed from San Diego, his starting job had been taken over by Philip Rivers, who the Chargers had been itching to start since they had acquired him from the Giants for Eli Manning in 2004.

Brees was coming off of a shoulder injury, and he and Daunte Culpepper were considered the top quarterback free-agents, both the Saints and the Dolphins were looking for a starting quarterback, and now, two seasons later, Culpepper is searching for another team, and Brees is looking forward to at least making a playoff run.

Without a Super Bowl win, Drew Brees may possibly be considered one of the best Saints ever, but if he brings the Lombardi Trophy back to the Crescent City, he will undoubtedly be considered the best Saints quarterback ever, and I think that Bobby Herbert and Archie Manning would be perfectly happy with that.