San Francisco 49ers: Time To Cut Carr, Activate Davis From Practice Squad?

Steve ButlerCorrespondent IOctober 29, 2010

Nate Davis in preseason action
Nate Davis in preseason actionScott Boehm/Getty Images

I am not here to tell you that Nate Davis is our savior; in fact, I will concede to you that the jury is still out on him. Some may go as far as to say that they're waiting on their first piece of negative evidence.

Personally, all I will say about him at this point is that I wouldn't be surprised to see him post a QB rating far higher than the 25 that second-string quarterback David Carr posted against Carolina.

Week 8 looms with the 49ers starting an unproven, short mobile veteran who has proven nothing more to the 49ers faithful than Nate Davis. In fact, Davis actually has more time under center and more chemistry with the 49ers receivers than Troy Smith, not counting Smith's rapport with fellow Ohio State alum Ted Ginn, Jr.

So let's get one thing straight: The Carr experiment is over. No strenuous practice regime for David Carr, no threats that after next week of "if you play like that, you're done." We are already at the point of "WOW Carr, that was bad...thanks for stopping by."

So this begs the question: If this is where Carr is at after an offseason with the team, what exactly is his use to them? If we are going off of the flashes they have shown in preseason, Nate Davis is a better QB. If we are going off regular-season play, Carr has proven to be horrible, while Davis hasn't had a chance to show anything at all.

49ers head coach Mike Singletary said he wasn't impressed at all with David Carr's play. Apparently, this was the one evaluation of talent this year that Singletary got right, as I was beginning to wonder where exactly his standard was.

Carr was brought in to be a fallback veteran, and that has not been the case. He has experience as a starter, a backup and on three different NFL teams who ran different offenses. Unfortunately, Carr has shown serious issues with arm strength and accuracy.

Troy Smith was similarly brought in as an insurance policy. Now he's up to bat. After the Carolina game, Smith could foreseeably jump Carr on the depth chart without even delivering a performance good enough to win the game.

Our only experience with Nate Davis is in the preseason. Glen Coffee showed us that that can be misleading. Anthony Dixon showed us it can leave fans craving carries by delivering what the team needed on every single limited carry you've had during the regular season, except the sweep.

Davis's work ethic has come into question at some points, and this may actually play in favor of the situation. If he was promoted and played, I think that he would realize that this is his chance to be a poster child for overcoming his disability. Right now, his competition doesn't look nearly as difficult to overcome as it did when the 49ers demoted him to the practice squad. It may squeeze everything he's got out of him, it may not.

However, I would be willing to say it's a safe bet they can squeeze more than a David Carr out of him.

It's safe to say that before the 2011 season, the 49ers will need to make some serious decisions involving the QB position. To make an informed decision, and quench the fans' thirst who want to see Davis take some NFL snaps, the 49ers need to evaluate him in a regular-season game setting.