Brock Lesnar: 10 Reasons He Should Face The Undertaker at WrestleMania

Ryan Papaserge@@RyanPapasergeCorrespondent IOctober 29, 2010

Brock Lesnar: 10 Reasons He Should Face The Undertaker at WrestleMania

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    While Brock Lesnar suffered a first-round defeat over Cain Velasquez at UFC 121 last weekend, losing his heavyweight title in the process, he still managed to grab headlines following the event.

    In a video posted on YouTube and various other sites, Fanhouse's Ariel Helwani's interview with WWE superstar The Undertaker is interrupted when the former "Next Big Thing" and the "Dead Man" have a brief stare-down.

    While UFC president Dana White is preventing Lesnar from participating in a professional wrestling match, here are 10 reasons why a Lesnar-Undertaker match should happen at the Georgia Dome during WrestleMania XXVII.

The Lesnar-Undertaker Confrontation

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    Helwani's video of the Lesnar-Taker confrontation has over two million views on YouTube at the moment, much more views than either a UFC or WWE video has received on the site in one week.

    The setup of the interview does seem a bit planned, as Undertaker seems to be looking for Lesnar out of the corner of his eye until the two exchange glances.

    However, Helwani insisted on his Twitter account that the events of the video attached to this slide were not planned.

Reason #1: Undertaker Is Influenced by MMA

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    It's been over seven years since Lesnar and Undertaker met on pay-per-view, at WWE No Mercy on Oct. 16, 2003.

    During that time, Lesnar has become a household name in the sports world and the face of mixed martial arts in the United States. The Undertaker has also embraced MMA into his moveset, introducing the "Hell's Gate"—the WWE-approved version of the gogoplata submission.

    UFC telecasts regularly show The Undertaker in the crowd at their events, making him a somewhat-familiar face to MMA fans.

Reason #2: WWE Needs Positive Buzz

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    The WWE's in-ring action has been overshadowed as of late by Linda McMahon's involvement as the Republican candidate in the Connecticut Senate race.

    Instead of keeping in character, both babyfaces and heels alike are breaking character to sing the praises regarding how the company treats its employees, flying in the face of premature deaths due to drug use and injuries suffered in the ring.

    "Stand Up for WWE" has left a bad taste in the mouth of many fans, and a "throwback" of a match between Lesnar and Undertaker could leave fans reminiscing about wrestling "the way it used to be."

Reason #3: Lesnar Would Have the Biggest Payday of His Career

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    Lesnar is a much bigger star than he was during his WWE days. The Minnesotan regularly makes $400,000 per fight in the UFC.

    It should be assumed that considering the risks Lesnar would be taking by participating in a professional wrestling match at this stage in his career, his asking price would be much higher.

Reason #4: Both WWE and UFC Could Attract New Fans

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    (Vince McMahon XFL press conference photo added for amusement purposes.)

    Over the years, the WWE's viewership, ticket sales, and pay-per-views have all taken a hit due to the rise of UFC.

    Why not follow the old adage, "If you can't beat them, join them?"

    In anticipation of a potential Lesnar-Taker match, promote the UFC product on WWE programming. The company could make the sport appealing to pro wrestling fans, and the UFC could do the same to intrigue MMA fans into sports entertainment.

Reason #5: Lesnar Could Bring Paul Heyman with Him

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    Lesnar is close friends with Paul Heyman, the mastermind behind the mid-1990s re-imagining of a small regional promotion into the legendary hardcore wrestling company known as ECW.

    While Heyman remained in the business as an announcer, manager, and ECW general manager during his tenure with the WWE, he was fired after the disastrous "December to Dismember" event in 2006.

    However, a Lesnar return for even one match may involve the return of Heyman in some capacity—a welcome sight for many wrestling fans.

Reason #6: Undertaker Would Have a Credible WrestleMania Opponent

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    With Lesnar, The Undertaker would be assured of a quality opponent in professional wrestling's biggest event.

    Names that have been rumored to face the "Dead Man" at the Georgia Dome next spring include John Cena, Sheamus, and most recently, Wade Barrett.

    While fan interest would be high for a Taker-Cena match-up, few fans would actually expect Sheamus or Barrett to break the former head of Dead Man Inc.'s 18-0 mark at WrestleMania.

Reason #7: The Return of "The American Bad A--"?

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    Given the nature of the Helwani interview, it would not look credible or realistic for the Undertaker to slip back into his supernatural persona.

    Thus, it would make the return of his biker gimmick more likely to happen—and make a possible Lesnar victory less shocking.

Reason #8: The Return of "Big Evil"?

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    If WWE wanted to turn Undertaker heel before a feud with Lesnar, they could bring back the "Big Evil" version of his biker persona.

    If anything else, we'd get more humorous promos like this.

Reason #9: The Hype Builds Itself

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    If Lesnar were to return to the WWE, there would be no promo videos necessary. He is a mainstream figure, and people know about his professional wrestling days.

Reason #10: It's a Dream Match for the Fans

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    Isn't that all that should count regarding WrestleMania?

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    Ryan Papaserge is a junior Journalism/Mass Communication student at St. Bonaventure University and a writing intern at Bleacher Report.