Meet Monte

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Meet Monte
Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images
Pictured: Montana Cheerleaders in the NCAA Tournament. Not Pictured: A Skydiving Monte Ready to Bust Through the Ceiling in a Dramatic Landing.

Monte - Montana

A powerhouse of the mascot world, Montana’s two-time Mascot of the Year, Monte, is known for doing what other bears don’t dare to. While the rest of his species is busy hibernating for months on end, Monte is break-dancing, motorcycling and getting into all sorts of shenanigans. He also has a bandana, putting him at the cutting edge of bear fashion.


Meet Monte

Born in 1993, Monte took about a decade to transform into the extreme dude he is today. By 2003 he was a bona fide superstar — known mostly for his high-octane antics at football games and around campus — and he’s only gotten more extreme since.


Monte’s Experience

Two national titles: That do anything for you? That’s what Monte brings to the table, having won it all in 2002 and 2004. He’s gotten the results other Mascots couldn’t, and done so while maintaining his arduous extra-curricular schedule of base-jumping and break-dance fighting.


 Monte’s Leadership Abilities

He’s a bear among men, and a grizzly among black bears. That’s a leader’s pedigree right there. He’s loved in Montana and feared by its enemies — the perfect combination for leadership. Would you stare a grizzly bear in the face and tell him he can’t lead? Didn’t think so.


What Distinguishes Monte From the Rest?

His bandana, his motorcycle, his love for delicious salmon… All of these things are the envy of other mascots. And yet Monte would never rub it in, because he’s above such petty gamesmanship.


Monte’s Campaign Promises

If Monte is named best mascot, he will uphold all the duties of said position, AND he’ll serve as the United States’ ambassador to bears.  There will be NO massive coordinated bear attacks under Monte’s reign as best mascot — and that’s a guarantee.


In Summary

Question: What kind of bear is best?  Answer: Monte.

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