Desmond Wolfe and Why He Deserves a TNA World Title Run

John BetschelCorrespondent IIOctober 26, 2010

Desmond Wolfe first made his appearance in TNA on Oct. 22, 2009, during an interview with Kurt Angle, he went on to say how big of a fan he was of Angle's and has been following his career since the 1996 Olympics.

Wolfe then proceeded to beat the crap out of Angle, making a definite impact, you could say. This started a feud between which led to some of the best matches ever in TNA.

The two would go back and forth, with Wolfe winning the first three encounters, leading to a three degrees of pain match, which I feel was the best match of 2009.

That was the match that really showcased Wolfe's skills, as he went tit for tat with Angle, which few people can do.

Wolfe would then go on to feud with a few different people, including Pope D'Angelo Dinero and Abyss. He would get an opportunity for a No. 1 contender spot by being in the Eight Card Stud tournament at Against All Odds but would get defeated.

When TNA entered in a new championship ranking system however, won April 26 where the fans would get to pick the No. 1 contender Wolfe led from start to finish, thus winning a title shot against then champion RVD, which Wolfe lost.

When Ric Flair first announced that he was going to reform the Four Horsemen under the new name of Fortune, Wolfe was selected to be one of the possible members but was told he had to earn his spot, that he had to become the Lex Luger of the group.

Wolfe ended up losing his match and ended up not being inducted into Fortune. TNA has pretty much dropped the ball with this superstar.

I can see why Ric Flair compared him to Lex Luger because Wolfe is the total package, he's got the wrestling skills, he's got the Mic skills, the looks, and the beautiful valet, Chelsea.

They give the world title to people like RVD and Jeff Hardy who have already held world titles in other companies but keep a guy like Desmond Wolfe down.

Wolfe is a better wrestler than Jeff Hardy anyway, take away Hardy's risk taking high flying style and he's not that versatile.

TNA should have used Wolfe in Fortune instead of Douglas Williams, as Williams' character just doesn't feel right for Fortune, it feels forced almost.

Wolfe just has that certain chemistry with the rest of the guys in the group and Williams doesn't.

They tried teaming Wolfe with Brutus Magnus to form the team London Brawling, they cut a few promos, and had a few matches, and were actually going to have a tag titles match against the Motor City Machine Guns, but due to an injury on Wolfe's part they were replaced by Generation Me.

Wolfe's injury has yet to be disclosed, and in a recent article by writer and featured columnist Steven Coney, it is said that Wolfe may retire from the ring due to injuries.

It would be terrible for someone like Wolfe to have to retire like that without a World Title run under his belt.

Hopefully this isn't the case though, and Wolfe will return and eventually win the World Title. Because he has yet to be used to his full potential so far.