Ultimate Bragging Rights Preview-Wade Barrett Vs. Randy Orton For The WWE Title

Maria Cane@ItsSocratesCorrespondent IIIOctober 24, 2010

Picture credited to randy-orton.com
Picture credited to randy-orton.com

"From champion to chump it seems."-http://j-cena.com

The quote is the picture perfect headline for this particular preview article. Tonight Randy Orton defends the WWE title against Nexus leader Wade Barrett. But the main headline of this match seems to be the one person who isn't wrestling: John Cena.

We all know the story by now. At Hell in a Cell, John Cena lost a match along with his pride and dignity thanks to a wide boot in the face by season 2 NXT rookie Michael McGillicutty.

Cena the next night tried to fight Nexus from the inside, only for the anonymous GM to rule that if Cena doesn't obey his end of the deal and Wade Barrett, he will be fired for good from WWE.

The Monday nights afterwards have witnessed John Cena being humiliated left and right by Nexus, in particular their leader, Wade Barrett.

One night the shocked Cenation witnessed Cena stepping down the ring willingly for Barrett to win a 20-man battle royal. "CENA'S PRIDE WON'T LET HIM!" "BUT HE HAS NO CHOICE!" were the riddled phrases by commentating team Michael Cole and Jerry "The King" Lawler.

A week later, McGillicutty and Husky Harris again cost Cena the shot at captaining Team Raw against Team Smackdown at Bragging Rights. Barrett at the end taunted Cena, rubbing it in his face and emphasizing that now it is Cena who can't see him.

Cena now is not the factor, but the X-factor, a position that no one has seen him in before. However, how exactly does this effect the participants of this matchup?


Randy Orton: He May Be Forgotten, But the Ends May Justify the Means

In the midst of all these hype and talk over John Cena/Nexus, it seems to have been forgotten who the WWE champion is currently: Randy Orton. Last Monday night, Orton was attacked by Nexus, who even ordered a reluctant Cena to get in on the action.

Orton has cut very few promos, and has only been featured in matches since this whole angle has came about. However, in my honest opinion, this sacrifice of airtime of the WWE champion worth what this Nexus/Cena storyline may bring.

Everyone has hyped Orton as this generation's Stone Cold Steve Austin. What people seem to forget, however, is who had a huge hand in catapulting his rise and popularity, his arch nemesis the chairman Vince McMahon.

People week in and week out tuned into seeing how Austin was going to fight back against the corruption of McMahon.

Half the time, they could even care less whether or not Austin had the title or not, they just wanted to hear the music that was JR screaming, "AUSTIN STUNNED MCMAHON! AUSTIN'S GOT MCMAHON!"

One of the big problems with Orton right now is that he doesn't have a Vince to his Austin. He doesn't have an exact arch nemesis to go against. Austin would have that with Vince and later on with The Rock.

Orton may be the classic anti-hero character, but he doesn't exactly have anything or anyone to be anti-hero against. He doesn't have that person who the commentator can scream "ORTON HAS RKO'D SO AND SO AGAIN! ORTON'S GOT HIM! ORTON'S GONNA GET HIM!"

Sheamus has pretty much already been disposed of, and Chris Jericho was punted back into Fozzy and a book deal.

This Nexus/Cena has just as many repercussions for Randy Orton as it does for John Cena. In order for Randy Orton to become the new face of WWE and to help elevate it out of it's current popularity slump, there needs to be an entity angle around him.

Orton right now is just hanging around but his character is begging to be used in an angle like this. The development of Cena/Nexus provides Orton with that entity that he can go against.  That he rebels against. Which brings me to my next point.


Wade Barrett May Be the Next Great Heel of the Future

Whether or not John Cena turns heel, it is becoming more clear that Wade Barrett is set to becoming one of the next great heels of the business.

He is more advanced on the mic that the average big man, and he can carry a good match with the likes of John Cena. His heat is off the charts and the fans automatically have his undivided attention every time he opens his mouth.

One of the issues I addressed in my John Cena article was how his possible heel turn could overshadow the rise of Wade Barrett.

This storyline and match has propelled Barrett into the next level. It has done so quickly yet more properly, with him actually being given an angle and being developed more unlike the likes of Sheamus, who was just thrown into the main event after a squash match with Goldust.

He is has become one of the first heels in a long time to actually use his skills effectively against Cena and still have the crowd against him. The other night on Raw I even witnessed male fans actually chanting for Cena to attack Barrett. That's how good he is.

I honestly don't even think it matters whether Barrett wins. In fact, I would actually prefer if he doesn't win the title right now.

WWE shouldn't rush into him just yet, and with the type of heat that he has been getting one of the bigger PPVs should be used to spotlight his title win.


So Who Is Going to Win?

Judging by the fact that last Monday saw Orton getting his ass handed to him by Nexus, I suspect heavily that Orton will retain the title tonight. If Barrett wins the title this early, then there wouldn't be any more initiative for him to use Cena as his pawn.

It will be interesting to see what role the anonymous GM plays into this. This aspect of the storyline has been very contradictory these past few months.

At first, it seemed like the GM was for Nexus, but then each week the MacBook has been flip flopping. I agree though on what he did with Cena. At the end of the day, Cena made a deal that if he lost, he would join Nexus.

Even though, there is also the plothole the fact that Harris and McGillicutty did interfere in the matchup. In my honest view, I think the creative team with part are writing as they go along.

Numerous people online especially have also began to notice David Otunga and how he seems to be slowly going against Barrett.

In my last article, I made clear how I still have a feeling Nexus will implode somehow. I have a feeling that one of the Nexus members themselves other than Cena will inadvertently cost Barrett the WWE title, signaling a whole new conflict.

Then again, this could also be the night that John Cena finally stands up to Barrett and regains his pride and self-worth. However, WWE is selling hard now the downfall of Cena. But these writers can at any point still chicken out of his storyline with him.


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