Drive With Rize: Taker/Brock UPDATE, Wrestlers On Lesnar, Dana White

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Drive With Rize: Taker/Brock UPDATE, Wrestlers On Lesnar, Dana White

Hello Creatures of the Night, Rize with the latest wrestling news. 

By now, you're all aware of Undertaker's words with Brock Lesnar. Most have said it's a real feud between the two, while others are saying it's Taker asking Brock for the Wrestlemania match. Well, you all were correct.

The feud between the two sparked when Lesnar left WWE, when officials in the company wanted Brock to job, and put other wrestlers over. Taker was said to be pissed about Brock's decision. 

On the other hand, WWE Officials did contact Lesnar about a match at Mania. Brock's UFC Contract obviously forbids him from competing for the WWE. UFC President, Dana White was asked about the WWE Offers, and claimed to have no knowledge of any offers.

Here's Dana White responding to the rumors

As we all know, Lesnar was DOMINATED by Cain Velásquez last night. Predicted. Multiple wrestlers including Kurt Angle, Matt Morgan, Shannon Moore, and Paul Heyman himself responded to the fight. All praised Cain, and felt Brock will bounce back... eventually.

To read the actual tweets

My Thoughts: Because of his contractual obligations to UFC, I am really not expecting to see Brock fight Taker at Wrestlemania. Dana White sounded pretty serious. Undertaker's beef with Brock is completely understandable. What makes him better than any other wrestler? Everyone has jobbed once or twice.

Thats all for now Bleaches.

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