Stand Up for WWE: Why Vince McMahon's Newest Effort Should Be Scrapped

Ryan PapasergeCorrespondent IOctober 21, 2010

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When all is said and done on Election Day in the Connecticut Senate race between Republican Linda McMahon and Democrat Richard Blumenthal, the biggest loser may not be either of the candidates.

World Wrestling Entertainment, owned by McMahon’s husband Vince, publicly announced on Monday the start of “Stand Up For WWE," a movement encouraging fans to show their support for the company, in the face of alleged criticism by the political media.

This effort by the promotion would be commendable if the media was mocking WWE, instead of stating actual facts related to the business’s past.

“(The campaign) has resulted in some negative and inaccurate attacks on our company,” Vince McMahon said in a YouTube video posted on Monday. “We ask you to join us in responding to these malicious attacks against the company, and you, our viewers.”

Is it really malicious to state that the professional wrestling industry, led by McMahon, has been plagued with drug and steroid use over the years? 

Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero and, most recently, Lance Cade, were all found with drugs in their system at the time of their deaths, regardless of how many times the WWE claimed Guerrero was “clean.”

Is it really malicious to state that the WWE’s past has been rooted in vulgar content, unfit for family viewing?

While the promotion has made plenty of progress towards becoming “family-friendly” with its TV-PG programming, the lingering images of Degeneration X telling opponents to “suck it,” Stone Cold Steve Austin drinking beers and giving people the middle finger and Val Venis’s porn star gimmick, still resonates in the minds of many fans.

This isn’t to say that the WWE is a greedy organization; in fact, its contributions to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the USO go unmatched by most companies. You’ll never see the NFL or MLB hold an event for U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Until this year, the WWE made it a yearly trip during the holiday season.

However, it is ridiculous for McMahon to state that any arguments against his wife due to the WWE are offensive.

The fact that he’s calling on fans to support his cause is equally ridiculous. McMahon profits off of the fans every single time a ticket is purchased or a John Cena t-shirt is bought for a child.

Now, he wants those same fans to cushion his own ego, via a mostly imagined feud in the political spectrum.

Only time will tell if he is successful in doing so.

Ryan Papaserge is a junior Journalism/Mass Communication student at St. Bonaventure University and a writing intern at Bleacher Report.