Pro Wrestling Countdown: "The Heart Break Kid" Shawn Michaels' Greatest Matches

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Pro Wrestling Countdown:

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This is the Pro Wrestling Countdown I have been wanting to write for a very long time.

Over the past few months I have taken the Pro Wrestling Countdown and put a spin on it that other top tens on the Bleacher Report tend to shy away from.

What I do is I pick out my favorite pro wrestlers and then I show you why they are the best at what they do.

I think that is a more effective way of making a case for your favorite wrestlers.

I recently I have done Pro Wrestling Countdowns in the honor of a few of my favorite performers. For instance, The Undertaker and even Chris Jericho, but now we have reached the "Holy Grail."

He is considered by fans all over the world to be the greatest wrestler in the history of the professional wrestling business.

I might not agree with that fully, but what I think makes Michaels as popular and as acclaimed as he has been over his career is the fact that he can have a good match with anyone on any given night.

He can get a good match out of anybody on a wrestling roster and make them look good and thus more valuable to the company. He is most likely the greatest worker to ever come into the WWE.

Shawn is one of the last “wrestling legends” the WWE can claim to own. After Undertaker decides it is his time to go then the WWE will have to start fresh and make new legends. 

"The Heart Break Kid" has wrestled his entire career in WWE and has been a loyal employee and a man McMahon could count on to entertain the crowd better than anyone else in the locker room and for nearly 25 years Shawn Michaels did just that. Every night.

He is “The Icon”, “The Main Event”, “The Showstopper”, and “Mr. Wrestlemania” and he might just be my favorite pro wrestler of all time.

This is the Pro Wrestling Countdown I have wanted to do since I started this column over a year ago. However, I could never nail down the ten matches I wanted to feature. I finally decided I had to write this article even if I couldn't mention every match I wanted to.

These are the 10 greatest matches of one of the most talented guys to ever step foot in a wrestling ring.

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