Greg Jennings, Calvin Johnson, Jeremy Maclin: Can the Hot Receivers Be Trusted?

Alec RogersContributor IOctober 18, 2010

Greg Jennings (#85) of the Green Bay Packers
Greg Jennings (#85) of the Green Bay PackersJonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Yes, yes. I too was one of those people that saw Greg Jennings as a sleeper to pick up in the first few rounds of fantasy weeks. After all, he is the number one receiver on a team that always passes, and other options (Donald Driver, Jermichael Finley) could have been seen as more things opened up for Jennings. In addition, starting running back Ryan Grant got injured and is now out for the season.

But for some reason, the Rodgers-Jennings connection just wasn't in sync. He recorded 82 yards and a score in week one, but it was all downhill from there. Then, Jermichael Finley got injured, and he too will now be out for the season. Now, without your starting RB and your dangerous TE, the Packers finally had a reason to launch it up to their deep threat.

Then there's Calvin. With one TD in the first three games, and four in the next three games, Calvin is one of the hottest receivers in the league right now. We all know from the past, however, he could get injured or suddenly get thwarted into a funk and start dropping passes, getting less receptions, and eventually less targets. With an iffy QB situation and a rookie RB, can Calvin be trusted?

Philly fans should enjoy this hot streak of running up the score in every game they play. While it very well may last all season, it very well may not.

Unlike Jennings and Johnson, Jeremy Maclin is blatantly in the shadow of another receiver that a lot of questions are being raised about, Desean Jackson. Desean can run form the backfield, beat just about any defensive back for a hail mary and return punts for scores. He can take control of the whole team, but when Kevin Kolb/ Michael Vick look somewhere else through the air, Maclin is that guy, and he can do fantastic.

Somehow, the Eagles are balancing good games for running back Lesean McCoy and for three passing options, and Maclin does shadily have six TDs already on his 2010-2011 resume. Can this backup WR be trusted going forth?

There are several other WRs who have less serious trust issues at hand. How can Dallas Clark, Reggie Wayne, Pierre Garcon, and Austin Collie all have good games every week? Who will suffer, and who will prevail? Will these Broncos receivers actually put up big numbers all season, or are they just on a hot streak as well?

Here is my take on the three most on-hand issues and explanations for each:

Greg Jennings: YES

Classified as one of the best deep threats in the league, double or single coverage, Finley or no Finley, Grant or no Grant, the Packers will remain to have an extremely pass-heavy offense, Rodgers will remain a talented QB who puts up numbers, and Jennings will remain his number one and most talented receiver. Sure, he's had off-games, but he still has four touchdowns, and he hasn't failed to produce a score two consecutive weeks to date this season. I say Jennings rapidly returns to what he needs to be to help the Packers have a good season, disregarding injury problems.

Calvin Johnson: YES

No one is denying that new strategy and the era of Matthew Stafford will help the Lions get back in the NFL as a good franchise, but for the time being, Stafford still lacks experience and is injury-prone, and as good as Jahvid Best is, he's just a rookie. Calvin Johnson is the most consistent play-maker on the team, will always be heavily targeted and looked for in tough situations, and has the talent to succeed. I say you can safely trust Calvin.

Jeremy Maclin: NO

Assuming Michael Vick returns soon, let's analyze the Eagles' offense. Michael Vick has always been able to run and still has been able to this year. He has about 200 rushing yards, a rushing TD, 800 passing yards, six passing TDs, and no interceptions. Keep in mind he played only part of weeks 1 and 4 and sat both weeks five and six.

Then, you have the ultimate surprise: Lesean McCoy having a great season and having no issue filling Brian Westbrook's role. He's been great and has shown no signs of decline. Then, Desean Jackson (see above) is still young and streaking, while Brent Celek can also catch passes.

The Eagles may do well, but I'm not sure Jeremy Maclin can consistently do well, though he is convenient to have on the roster and will have some strong outings.

Questions, Comments, Concerns? LIKES?!?! please. Thank You.