NBA: Why the Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat Are Overrated

Thomas GaliciaContributor IIOctober 17, 2010

Look at these overrated all-stars!
Look at these overrated all-stars!Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The Miami Heat, Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers are the three most overrated teams not just in the NBA, but in all of sports.

Each of these teams, while they've had their moments, are always hyped up by the press, especially ESPN.

Thanks to ESPN, fans are forced at gunpoint by Mickey Mouse to ignore a front page that contains a bar at the top showing scores from the NLCS and ALCS, the center which as of right now contains a "Score Center" update for Ohio State vs. Wisconsin (a very important Big 10 college football game that was played on ESPN at the time of this article's writing, by the way, Wisconsin won 31-18, which if you're a LeBron hater should make you happy since they are his favorite college football team) and instead click on a little story link under "Headlines" that has about five headlines on top of it about the possibility of LeBron coming back to the Heat on Monday Night for their preseason game against the Bobcats.

Fans are not only forced to read these articles but also to go to the Heat Index, which is nowhere near the front page as of this time. To get there you must click on the NBA section, followed by scrolling down. The link is a flashy picture of the three.

Then after this, the fans are forced to read articles about the preseason, then are forced to write about it in ESPN's "conversations" section. It is here where they are allowed to voice their opinions on the Heat, and many of them voice the opinion that they hate this section and how dare ESPN cover the Miami Heat when it is the preseason instead of covering the NLCS and ALCS. All because Mickey Mouse held a gun up to their head and forced them to do everything that I outlined so far in this piece.

What also makes these teams overrated is the fact that ESPN seems to predict that the Los Angeles Lakers will play one of those two Eastern Conference teams in the NBA Finals. This has a lot of people upset, mainly Lakers fans who feel that there's no need for the season to be played because they won the NBA Championship last year and therefore will win it this year.

I for one disagree.

We all know that the Heat got the big three, meaning the Larry O'Brien Trophy should be given to them right now, and not the Lakers.

Meanwhile Celtics fans will tell you that they deserve the Larry O'Brien trophy because they signed Jermaine O'Neal and Shaquille O'Neal. Both are All-star centers, and we all know that the game is won in the paint.

Of course, The Lakers are heavily overrated because they have 17 NBA Championships. Same goes with the Celtics. 

The Heat have only one, but we all know that Tim Donaghy gave the Heat the 2006 NBA Championship because he bet money on them. We know this because he did not work a single game that series, so he had to be responsible for it!

These three teams are the most overrated in all of sports. Yankees and Red Sox fans will be very upset come December when they won't be able to get the latest up-to-the-minute updates on their teams' pursuit of Carl Crawford and Cliff Lee because the scores from the games that these teams are playing will be highlighted. 

They'll be even more upset come Mother's Day Weekend next year, when their pivotal series isn't broadcast on ESPN because of a decision The World Wide Leader will make to instead broadcast an NBA playoff game featuring one of these three teams. For shame ESPN! We all know that nothing is more important than a Yankees-Red Sox series in May!

The media attention that these three teams—which play in three of the smallest markets in the country—receive is unprecedented. 

Then there's Bleacher Report, which only confirms this.

Every article written is either about LeBron, Kobe, Wade, or the Celtics, Lakers and Heat as a team. These articles all seem to get thousands of reads and thousands of comments. Reason being, of course, is because these teams are all overrated and people are starting to get tired of talking about them. 

So what do you do when you're tired of hearing about certain teams and certain players? Of course you talk about them more. It makes total perfect sense! See the more you talk about them, the more likely people are willing to take your opinion seriously. Once you say your piece about any of these subjects, then the discussion ends! That's it!

Maybe I came from a different time, a time when if you didn't like something you ignored it. Apparently in 2010, the way you deal with something that you hate is to keep reading about it, then leave a snarky little comment about it. Bonus points if you go on LeBron's facebook when he's talking about raising money for breast cancer research and tell him that you wish he had cancer, then follow that up by saying "Karma is going to be a b***h to LeBum and the Heat this season." Way to show them the meaning of karma!

So we must continue to prove how overrated these three teams are and continue to show our dissatisfaction towards ESPN and every media outlet, who are clearly only on the side of these teams, especially the Miami Heat, by continuing to read and comment on every little story about them. 

We can apply this kind of logic to other facets of life, too. For example, I don't like eggs when they're hard-boiled. So tomorrow I plan on consuming five hard boiled eggs for breakfast! I'll follow that up by listening to a playlist I made on iTunes featuring songs from my Top 10 least-favorite artists. I plan on putting the playlist on repeat as I voluntarily do something that I hate doing more than anything in this world, and that's copying words out of the dictionary. 

I'll then follow that up by watching my least favorite movie of all time, Titanic, about four or five times, then before I go to bed, I'll read the Twilight Saga, since it's my least favorite book series of all time. And if I can't sleep I'll get back online and possibly do some calculus, because if there's anything I hate more in this world, it's math. 

Oh wait, I left out the fact that I'm going to friend request my ex-girlfriend, just to leave comments filled with hate and obscenities on every status update she makes. If I'm lucky she might participate in a walk for breast cancer; this is the perfect opportunity for me to leave a comment telling her that I hope she gets breast cancer herself and that karma is a b***h. Hey, if a Cavs fan can do it to LeBron, I can do it to my ex-girlfriend that cheated on me with my best friend, right?

Alright, enough messing around. No, I don't think the Lakers, Celtics, or Heat are overrated. As a player, Kobe isn't overrated. Nor is LeBron, nor is Wade. Bosh is just a tad, as is Gasol. My ex didn't sleep with my best friend. In fact, even though it didn't end the way I wanted to, I hold no ill will towards her, and I will not waste my time watching Titanic, reading the Twilight books, or listening to music I don't like.

I'm just trying to point out what two of my last three posts have been about: that the negativity and fighting over what player is better is dumb, that ESPN does what they do and does it that way because they get numbers that tells them we demand it, and that it's us the fans, as well as the haters, that feed into it all. 

In fact, I even used computer screenshots to prove it!

Sadly if this article doesn't point that out to some, then I don't know what will.

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