Wrestlemania? Again TNA Bound For Glory Fell Unsurpisingly Short of Expectations

RiZESenior Writer IOctober 15, 2010

All credit to A.Version 2.0 for the giving me this idea.

Last Sunday TNA's "Wrestlemania", Bound for Glory, was what all of us expected it to be...predictable and second-rate.

Being one of its biggest supporters, TNA really dropped the ball this week. Excluding the Jeff Hardy heel turn, nothing really stood "out" about the PPV.

Though it has had some moderate success as of late like the boost in ratings, TNA  is on life support, people. Three people are to blame: Hogan, Bischoff, and Vince Russo. They're basically trying to relive their WCW glory days at the expense of TNA's longtime fans and younger superstars.

Bound for Glory was a disaster from the start.

The only possible way a fan didn't know Hogan and Bischoff were "they" is if they had not watched in months. Sting decides to expose Hogan for trying to "takeover" TNA for months.

Abyss said it a thousand times before, they are going to "take over" TNA. Anyone with half a brain could've put the two together.

First mistake going into BFG. The next would be having Abyss say "they" are coming tonight. Obviously he meant the Main Event Match.

When Hardy turned heel, it was a swerve to all his loyal fans, but hey, they did one thing right.

Next, The Knockouts Title Match. Absolutely horrible match. Would rather watch LayCool do their idiotic entrance then watch another match featuring those four. Angelina Love's fifth title reign ends prematurely...again. Why did Tara even win the title?

They had her lay down for Rayne last night. Simply just a waste of time by management.

Moment of truth. The Shore.. What can be said about the gimmick? Plain ignorance if you ask me. Taking a gimmick from a absolutely horrible Reality TV Show.

So Robbie E apparently has a mean streak. He wants to "bling" out the X Division Title. If he beats Lethal for the title, it would be a spit in the face to guys like Styles, The Guns, Daniels, Joe, and Jerry Lynn. Bound for Glory seems to be just the start for Robbie E.

The Lethal Lockdown match was distasteful. Fortune has dominated EV2 at every turn but somehow management decided to have them lose to the Hardcore Legends.

Personally, the storyline seems a bit too similar to the ECW Originals vs The New Breed a few years back.

Unlike the past cage matches, this one never included a moment that caught your attention. Seemed like more of an Impact match to me. Didn't live up to the hype TNA was giving it.

Rob Van Dam vs. Abyss should've never made it to the card. The match already took place numerous times before. Same ending. Throw in a few weapons, Janice, and RVD selling his injuries, and you have the exact same match.

It was good for Impact, but for your No. 1 PPV... Not at all. 

The definition of Second Rate coming out of Bound for Glory was without a doubt, The Main Event.

For weeks TNA made it seem like the match was going to be one of the best in TNA history. Not even close. It didn't come close to Joe vs. Daniels vs. Styles.

Typical Kurt Angle match nowadays. He dominated the majority of the match. 

When Hogan and Bischoff got involved, it was very disappointing and obvious what was going on. One of the most horrible but surprising endings in professional wrestling history. Wasn't the way Bound for Glory should've ended.

Fans didn't throw trash because of Hardy. It was knowing they spent money on a second-rate PPV. Knowing they could've saw better action on TNA Impact.