TNA's Immortals: How the Super-Stable Story Line Should Play Out

Kevin GermanyAnalyst IIIOctober 15, 2010

Before writing this article, Jeff Awesome is now Donkey Kong. 

As anybody who follows TNA knows, Jeff Hardy and Hulk Hogan turned heel and "They" was revealed at Bound For Glory as the latest revival of the nWo. Fantastic ending by the way. 

At last night's Impact, Hulk Hogan kept referring to himself and Abyss as "immortal." Apparently, after Fortune merged with them, now they are called "immortal." They "overthrew" that "moron" Dixie Carter with a piece of paper. Dixie, here's your lesson, read the fine print. 

Now with the Immortal angle underway, Donkey Kong was wondering how to play the story out. Whether you were for or against what happened, you have to admit that TNA is now getting the IWC talking TNA, and not WWE. 

Now what will likely happen is that Dixie Carter tries to get TNA back from Hogan and they war for months. The story line lasts for a long time with no end of the Immortals in sight.  

This is what should happen. Note: This assumes Jeff Hardy does not go to jail. 

The first thing DK will say is that the 12 man stable (Matt Morgan, Kazarian, Douglas Williams, AJ Styles, Beer Money, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Jeff Hardy, Abyss, Jeff Jarrett, and Eric Bischoff) is way too large. 

DK would allow "immortal" to terrorize TNA for a few months. Keep that TV Belt on AJ Styles (please make him defend it every week) and the WHC on Jeff Hardy (more gold, more power). Make it appear that "They" are UNSTOPPABLE.

DK says Pope tries to stop them and gets destroyed for his efforts, beat down on Kurt Angle (give him some time off), and EV 2.0 gets forced into retirement (they should have done that 10 years ago). They would genuinely take over the company. 

DK says make fans watch to see if the immortals can be knocked off their perch. Make the bad guy reign supreme for a few months. Madison Rayne joins all the fun and is dating Eric Bischoff. 

After a few months of dictatorial power over TNA, make a rift occur, between AJ Styles and the rest of the group. 

Now, there is intrigue: AJ is disillusioned by the heavy hand of Hogan, Flair, and Bischoff. Kazarian is also angry because he is at the bottom of the barrel. They turn face in the process by quitting the group. 

The Immortals are now officially divided, with AJ and Kazarian on one side and the rest on the other side. 

To war against the Immortals, AJ gets some reinforcements. Those reinforcements are Kurt Angle, RVD, Pope, Mr. Anderson, and last but not least, Matt Hardy. He also recruits the Motor City Machine Guns to help out with the Tag Division. 

The Immortals respond by using Douglas Williams to recruit Desmond Wolfe into the fold.

This feud boils over until 2011 Bound for Glory. 

This leads to a series of battles, a best of seven series to see who rules TNA, Dixie Carter (aligned with Styles) or the axiom of Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. Winner rules TNA and loser has to leave the company (IWC drools over that stipulation for Hulk and Eric). 

Fans will want to buy if the story line is properly built, especially with so much at stake! 

Match 1: Matt vs. Jeff Hardy. AJ Styles challenges Jeff Hardy for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. But Hardy refuses. Instead, he says he wants his brother Matt to fight for him!  But Matt instead denounces Jeff and challenges him right then and there. Matt and Jeff put on a solid 20 minute bout with Jeff retaining his belt via the Twist of Fate and then the Swanton. Immortal leads 1-0. 

Match 2: Kurt Angle battles wife-stealing SOB Jeff Jarrett. This match is a glorified squash, with Jarrett tapping out like a little baby to Angle's ankle lock. Series tied 1-1. 

Match 3: Motor City Machine Guns vs. Beer Money—This is a 5-star match between these two teams for 15 minutes. However, Ric Flair comes out and hits Alex Shelley with a ice cold Bud Light. Immortal leads 2-1. 

Match 4: Matt Morgan and Douglas Williams vs. Pope and Mr. Anderson. Although this is a seemingly random tag match, the ramification are HUGE. If Matt and Douglas win, the series is almost out of reach. If Pope and Anderson settle their differences and win, the series is dead even. This match might be random but it ends with Sting making a one time appearance and hitting Matt Morgan with a baseball bat. Then Pope hits the DDE for the win. Series tied 2-2. 

Match 5: Tara vs. Madison Rayne for the TNA Knockouts Championship. A knockout match to this series! This should be a squash for Tara, but it's not! Rayne takes a little too long to pin Tara and gets rolled up for the three count. Dixie leads 3-2. 

Match 6: RVD vs. Abyss. The closer of Team Dixie RVD, yet to lose a TNA match (now they pick up on this). However, Abyss is on a roll, dominating Mr. Anderson at the Impact before BFG. This is a Monster's ball match, so expect blood, violence, and a marijuana joint afterwards (hey, hey, hey!). RVD is about to hit the 5-star frog splash, but Hulk Hogan knocks him off balance for Abyss to "nail" RVD with Janice. Series tied 3-3. 

After Match 6, Eric Bischoff announces that the deciding match will be between AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy on the next Impact. 

You know what, DK will let you decide the ending of the story. 

Now that is a story line worth watching. What do you think—IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK!!!