The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: My Thoughts Of Last Nights Impact!

Matthew HesterSenior Writer IOctober 15, 2010

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about impact before the show started. After the way TNA ended Bound For Glory I knew a bad storm was a brewin. Still, I tried to be hopeful that somehow TNA would make up for it tonight somehow. My hope would turn into a nightmare before all was said in done.

Only TNA can drag their fans through so much garbage. I know they have their good weeks, but it seems far too often they step on their own feet to capitalize on them. So who were the big winners and losers this week? Find out in the latest edition of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

(My good buddy and longtime wrestling fan threw in a few opinions. If I didn’t counteract on them it’s because I agreed one hundred percent with him.) 



The Good

The hopes that you watched something else last night.


The Bad

Kurt Angle leaving TNA

I know Angle will be back, but his leaving now is a really bad idea. I am just speechless on how bad this Impact has been. Watching Jarrett beat up a handcuffed Angle was just beyond lame. I guess Angle is taking some time of using the injury Angle.


Abyss vs. Samoa Joe

We finally get a real wrestling match. On paper you would think this match would sound like a good one. The only thing we got was a five minute match that ended in DQ. After the match we got treated to another 5 minutes promos. I am starting to get a migraine having to cover this BS.


The Pope vs. Fortune

This was nothing more than a sanctioned beat down. Match only added to my fears of a NWO type of return. I hope that the Pope is used more than a punching bag in all this nonsense down the road. The only thing that would have made this match worse was if he won it somehow. At least they didn’t try to insult our Intelligence by having that happen.


Another Promo bad by the Shore

Cookie calls talks smack about Jwoww of Jersey shore and Jwoww and the Beautiful People beat the shore down. I actually wish that I watched Jersey Shore and I hate that show. I would have had more fun, eating bean Burritos and basking in my own flatulence.  (Opinion by Shawn Garrison)


RVD vs. Mr. Anderson

After having a few minutes of what appeared to be the hope of a good match, Eric B tells the referee to leave the ring and then Jeff Hardy comes into the ring. He places Mr. Anderson’s hand inside of a folding chair, he then grabs a chair and delivers a Twist of Fate to RVD on top of the chair; causing injuries to both RVD and Anderson.

In closing… we all can agree that the story lines of TNA have been weak, or too quick. I began the night as being optimistic about the future of Impact; however they certainly made up for the story lines in one night. Eric B should know better, he has been in a successful program before, but nobody wants to watch a bad soap opera. There was not any action, or I should say barely any at all. I hope that next week is a better show and want to see where these story lines go. I just do not want to see the same of what this week had to offer, mix it up a little. That is all that I that have to say about this matter. I hope that you were fortunate enough to watch another show… even the cable guide or listening to the worst Polka in history would have been more of an enlightening experience; than watching Night of a thousand Promos. (Opinion by Shawn Garrison)


The Ugly

“They” Bore us all to death

So much for Hogan sitting on the sidelines and letting the young guys get the spotlight. Hogan and Bischoff came out with their old NWO theme. He starts off by saying Dixie lied when he was promised the keys to the castle. So Hogan did the only thing he could, he took over TNA by force. They then bring out Abyss to bore us all.

Is this what I am in for over the next year? I have to now watch a bunch of fossils keep me entertained. This is just an awful moment in TNA history. I dread how the rest of this angle will play out. Things would only get worse when Fortune came out and joined the party, and just when I think this nightmare is over. Jeff Hardy lays down a snoozer of a promo on RVD.

“They” then invite Kevin Nash and Sting to the ring. Nash and Sting decide that they want no part of this nonsense. This has to be one of the most drawn out segments I have ever seen on TNA.


Forty five minutes without a single match

If you thought that the opening of impact was bad. Well it only gets worse my friends. We get treated to another long dragged out promo with Carter, Hogan, and Bischoff. I can’t believe the audacity of TNA to go almost a whole hour without a wrestling match.


Madison Rayne vs. Tara

There was no match. Tara came into the ring and laid down for Rayne to become the new Knockouts champ. For the love of god; this is turning out to be one of the worst Impacts I have ever seen. It is times like this I have to question why I watch this show.



Match Results

Madison Rayne vs. Tara

Winner Madison Rayne


Samoa Joe vs. Abyss

Winner via DQ Samoa Joe


The Pope vs. Fortune

Winner Fortune


Mr. Anderson vs. RVD

Match ends in a no- contest


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