Here Comes The Pain: Brock Lesnar a Force To Be Reckoned With

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Here Comes The Pain: Brock Lesnar a Force To Be Reckoned With

  It is hard for many die-hard mixed martial arts fans to welcome in a former professional wrestler into the mix for the heavyweight title, but then again Brock Lesnar is no ordinary human being.  As a 4-time All American, and a 2000 NCAA champion, Brock Lesnar has all the tools he needs to climb the ladder in the UFC's heavyweight division.  When he made his debut at UFC 81, he was was defeated by a technically better fighter in Frank Mir.  On paper a 1:36 defeat does not look very good, but for the people who actually saw the fight you would know that Lesnar is no joke.  Within the first 10 seconds of the fight Mir was on his back takes rapid punches to the face.  Due to an amateur mistake, Lesnar ended up falling into a kneebar submission that dealt him his first loss.  For many professional wrestling fans it was a hard loss to take, but Brock took the loss very well an immediately began training for his next fight.

  After defeating Cheick Kongo, Heath Herring was right in the mix to get a world title shot against Antonio Nogueira.  But since Nogueira was scheduled to fight Frank Mir for the next title shot, Herring needed another fight in between so that he would be warmed up for his title shot.  The big mistake he made was accepting a bout between him and Brock Lesnar.  As the UFC's biggest heavyweight at 265 pounds, No body could look forward to a fight with Lesnar.  As he corrected the mistakes from his first fight, Lesnar walked into Minnesota at UFC 87, as a confident and mind numbing presence.  As a veteran of MMA Herring was the definite favorite going into the fight, But Lesnar is known for breaking people's expectations.  When the first round bell rang in Lesnar's hometown, the 265 pound madman dashed across the octagon and threw a flying knee that was quickly dodged by the veteran Herring.  But then no more than 15 seconds later Lesnar lands a huge right hand that broke Herring's eye.  Herring hit the mat and when he looked up he saw a out of control big rig barreling towards him.  And in Lesnar's case if you mess with the bull you get the horns.  Throughout the rest of the 3 rounds Lesnar was nothing less of dominant.  Now with a second win under his belt it is only a matter up time before he reaches the top of the mountain.

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