The Ball Is Rolling....In Possibly The Wrong Direction

Joel DanielsContributor IOctober 12, 2010


To be perfectly honest with each and everyone of you, this past Monday Night RAW had me thrown for a loop. It even overshadowed the time when Legacy was in it's cradle stages and no one knew where the hell WWE was trying to take this group.


Many reasons - actually countless seems more proper - make up my confused state, however thanks to a series of calm thought I was mercifully able to narrow down those reasons to a short listed few. Here goes:


1. Starting RAW with John Cena. Okay, maybe I ought to be specific here (keeping in mind that it is two in the flipping morning and half of you probably didn't watch Monday Night, or did and are now sleeping as I type this...either way your minds are struggling to clamber over that hill known as "involuntary sleep-withdrawal" and I don't want you to find such vague terms on the other side).

    Starting RAW with an energetic John Cena - aka the type of John Cena we've come to know over the past few years. Last week's John Cena came out to his tune with no energy whatsoever and looked like he had a thorny rod stuck up in a VERY uncomfortable place. This John Cena, however, came out to his own music, jumped about, smiled, saluted, did his three-finger-per-hand-thing and gleamed at his beloved fans. The armband meant he was still in Nexus...but what could possibly be the reason for the return of his old attitude? Did Wade throw him out? Did the anonymous GM give him some leeway?

The answer gentle readers is none of the above. Cena came out all regular-Cena-like and promptly spoke rather casually about his loss at HIAC and the fact that he was now - like it or not - a part of the Nexus. Wow. Last week he almost choked stating that, but suddenly he found a zen and became comfortable with uttering the words "I" and "Nexus" in the same sentence.

Moving right along, the Miz comes out to cut a promo about being the captain of Team RAW. Apparently John saw himself being team captain but Wade came out to throw dirt on that idea. Que in the GM, Micheal's "and I quote", and we have a main event: John Cena vs Miz: Winner is RAW's team captain.

Right after that happened, Miz and his lackey attacked Wade (of course after Wade delivered a stunningly unexpected headbutt to Mr.Money-In-The-Bank). Wade had to signal to John before the man in purple finally opted to save his leader. The celebration afterwards was short-lived as no sooner did Cena start bouncing off walls, did Wade crash down on him with loud barks and shouts.


Conclusion: Starting RAW with John Cena being all energized gave people (Cena fans EXCLUSIVELY) hope that he was returning to normal or at least had some master escape plan when it came to getting out of Nexus. Turns out is was nothing but a red herring, but it served the purpose of being intriguing.


2. David Otunga. Let me get right to it (as you draw closer to the summit of that hill I previously mentioned)... David Otunga is after something. At first, it seemed as though he was intent on becoming the leader of Nexus. However, after blatantly getting Justin to face the Viper (in a great match I must say) and then blatantly getting caught by the official so as to be removed from ringside (along with Slater) leadership may not be the only thing that Otunga is after.


3. CM Punk is on RAW. Yes. The former SES leader and three time world champion is back on Monday Nights. He got himself inducted onto Team RAW after pinning Evan Bourne (I feel sorry for the guy) but made a point to decimate his fallen opponent for no outright reason (it seems like everyone attacks without reason nowadays). It's good to see CM on Raw because being here will surely give him a new lease on WWE life.


4. Husky Harris and Micheal (what's-his-last-name) vs John Cena and Randy Orton next week on RAW. For this all I can say is that Wade Barrett is a smart man. For the most part it seemed that the GM was going to be a possible buzz kill when it came to Wade ruling John Cena - as the man previously went against John being involved in anything outside of being in his corner come Bragging Rights. Then along came HH and MM to destroy Cena's chances of becoming something more than Wade's lackey at the Bragging Rights PPV by beating the man down and letting Miz pick up the victory.

On a side note, Miz was destined to be the leader because he's been on a huge roll and he's got beef with Big Show.

Back to the issue at hand. After the match, John went ahead and attacked his assailants - the very same ones who cost him the win at HIAC and hence are directly responsible for him having to join Nexus - only to have Wade come in from thin air and break up the fight. Apparently, John had hit Wade (honestly I didn't catch that and if he did, it couldn't have been intentional since SuperCena is so damn loyal to the WWE). Barrett and John exchange words that didn't look angry, and that's when the GM made the tag match up for next week.

Wade then took the opportunity to tell John that should he lose, then Husky and Micheal would become a part of the Nexus.


5. Berating SuperCena. Often times people talk about Randy being Cena's kryptonite. That's true, however only physically. Mentally I'd say Wade holds that title. After spelling out the consequences that Cena would face should he lose his match next week, the leader of men went on to verbally assault John. Five minutes of literal degrade. Only one other time made me feel sympathy for John and that was back when The Nexus was a eight man group who came on to RAW unannounced to beat the crap out of Cena and the arena. It was fun watching John being disarmed and being struck down and humbled and taunted by the very man he swore to rid the WWE of. Like a brat out of hell, Wade told John he was scared, weak, a disgrace, pathetic, and other synonyms of the aforementioned words.

Every eight year old watching must have been crying their eyes out. However, like that time on RAW, the sympathy I felt vanished into thin air. The reason for that was all thanks to the last number on this list.


6. No build up for the WWE Title match. For the entirety of RAW there was no build up to Randy vs Wade. I understand the possible need to not involve the Viper into the current CeNexus storyline (as it would hinder John's possibilities of becoming a good heel with RKO being a massive crowd favourite who would definitely outshine Cena's feeble attempts ), however the fact is that Randy Orton is the WWE Champion therefore he should be included in whatever storyline his number one contender is in. No! Scratch that. Randy SHOULD be the very storyline that his number one contender is currently in. Cena should be a mere afterthought.


Conclusively, with this problem staring us all in the face, it becomes a bit more apparent that although this CeNexus storyline is strong and's going to overshadow A LOT of things. The WWE Champion seems to be one of those things and for mortal fear alone I pray that this doesn't spell a Bragging Right victory for Wade and ultimately a restarted title drought for greatness (Randy Orton).