TNA Brewing Thoughts: Jeff Hardy's Mouth, the Mystery Vets and the Swerve-O-Rama

Josh BrewerCorrespondent IOctober 11, 2010

As I wrote in yesterday's version of Brewing Thoughts, WWE programming has my attention in a way it hasn't in recent memory.

Over the last week, TNA has caught my attention...for completely different reasons.

It all came to a head last night at Bound For Glory, when Jeff Hardy was crowned TNA World Champion and quickly proceeded to turn heel by aligning himself with three men that are as old as the earth. 

I'm not going to harp on the piss-poor creative decisions TNA has made. Those articles have been written by nearly everyone in the IWC, myself included. But there's still plenty to tackle.


Jeff Hardy Sounds Like a Bitter Ex-Lover

Jeff Hardy once again climbed to the top of the second tier of pro wrestling, winning a Triple Threat Match involving Kurt Angle and Mr. Anderson, to become TNA World Champion.

Shortly thereafter, he was revealed as one of "Them," the heel turn nobody (including members of the TNA locker room) saw coming.

Not long after the conclusion of Bound For Glory, a fan called Hardy out for turning heel. Hardy's response?

Hardy bashed John Cena and his current angle with The Nexus.

How did Hardy think this was a good idea? And what does it say when the "top wrestler" in TNA is bashing WWE instead of hyping his own product?

Hardy sounds like a bitter ex. Maybe he is bitter because he caught wind of the report which stated Vince McMahon didn't see Hardy as a main-event draw anymore.

Maybe Hardy harbors ill will toward WWE for not allowing him to flake on shows and perform recklessly in the ring.

There is clearly a change necessary in TNA, and it starts with its world champion. If Randy Orton or Kane were to tweet about how lame TNA was, a reprimanding would be nearly immediate.

Responsibility is something Hardy gave up long ago, however.


The Impending Collapse of TNA Wrestling?

The IWC has long been speculating just how long TNA would survive as a company, and whether Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan would have anything to do with the company's ultimate demise.

According to one unnamed long-time TNA vet, the company may be headed down the road to its death.

In a report on, the aforementioned member of the TNA locker room said, "Bischoff and Russo and Hogan tried to recreate the birth of the nWo, but they've recreated the Fall of WCW instead."

The speculation as to who this unnamed wrestler is may continue for weeks, but his words could be the worst news for a company struggling mightily to get to a place to challenge WWE atop the pro wrestling kingdom in this country.

Fans and IWC members can rip TNA for their lack of creativity and penchant for copying old WCW storylines, all in an attempt to catch Vince McMahon's massive WWE machine.

But if a long-time member of the TNA locker room is losing hope, there may be no going back.


The End of An Era

As sad as it may be, the wrestling world is about to lose one of the greatest tag teams of all time.

Announced at Bound For Glory, Team 3D is set to retire as a tag team.

Brother Ray and Brother Devon, as they are currently known, are recognized as 23-time tag team champions, the most in professional wrestling history.

According to Internet reports, the kayfabe brothers are set to embark on singles careers in TNA.

Time will tell us if Brother Ray and Brother Devon can find any measure of success on the singles circuit now that their historic tag team careers have come to an end.

In their final match, Team 3D will take on the most exciting tag team in wrestling today, the Motor City Machine Guns. Although it will be sad to see Team 3D walk away, at least for now, it should be one hell of a going-away party.


This Just In: Another TNA Swerve!

If you thought the ridiculous swerves Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan made famous back with WCW were gone, you were the victim of yet another swerve.

According to a separate report on, a top-tier TNA star said the fans weren't the only victims of the swerve.

"They're talking about work-shoot and shoot-works, and they think that's the key to turning TNA around," the unnamed TNA star said. "They're obsessed with fooling the Internet Wrestling Community."

Yet another report stated Hulk Hogan admitted to the TNA locker room that his back problems were blown way out of proportion in another swerve to cover up Sunday night's heel turn.

The problem with all of these swerves are too numerous to list. If TNA creative can't even be honest with its own talent, how are they supposed to build any sort of unity?

This, along with at least one member calling recent events the "recreation of the Fall of WCW," TNA Wrestling may be bound for failure.