John Cena Humiliated Again? How Much Longer Before Barett Gets His?

lee raydeanCorrespondent IOctober 10, 2010

I cannot sit and watch Cena getting humiliated, week after week. To me, it's a travesty. John is the face of the WWE.

On Raw this week, Barrett, threw a glass of water in his face, only after he made him go retrieve it.

Then he wants Cena to protect him from Randy Orton at Bragging Rights, but, to also help him win the belt from Orton, at the same time.

Barrett told John, that he enjoys belittling and humiliating him, especially in front of his fans.

Whenever Barrett doesn't think won't do what he wants him to do, he threatens John, by telling him he'll be fired, if he doesn't do what he is told to do.

There was no GM this week due to, Teddy Long from Smackdown, coming out to brag about his team. The GM did try to deliver an email to Micheal Cole, but Teddy unplugged the Computer and took it with him.

Alright Teddy, it's about time someone did something to Cole and that damn computer.

The GM for Raw did however, make a match last week, for tag team action this week. Cena and Orton, against Husky Harris and Micheal McGuillicutty.

Guess the GM figured that if the two ex NXT Rookies want to interefere in matches, then they will be in one this week.

To me, it was a good match. Nexus was watching from the back. Barrett told Cena to give, Harris and McGuillicutty, everything that he has. That was music to John's ears.

John needed to get frustration out, get some pay back. Wade wanted to see how the duo did in the ring before, he brought them into Nexus.

Between Cena and Orton, the match was filled with hustle and bustle, Attitude Adjusters, STFS and of course, RKOS.

Cena looked like his old self, before all this crap with Barrett. There was an edgey side to him. Something we've never seen before. And it looked good on him.

Randy was superb as well. At the end of the match, and their hands were raised in victory, the ignorant members of Nexus, just had to come out.

Cena wanted to shake hands with Orton, but  Barrett wouldn't let that happen. Nexus surrounded the ring. Cena was ordered by Barrett, to get out of the ring and stand by the announcer's table.

At first, Cena wasn't going to do it. Barrett threatened that he would be fired. So out of the ring he went.

What happened next was an act of cowardness and heartless. Nexus, under the order of Barrett, jumped Randy. It wasn't just a few kicks and punches.

It wasn't a pretty picture. Randy did get a few good licks in. That didn't stop Nexus though. Justin Gabriele gave Randy the 450.

All John could do was stand there and watch. His eyes filled with anguish. His body shaking from tension.

Barrett ordered John to come back in the ring. Again John hesitated. Reluctantly, he ended up doing what he was told to do.

The coward, spineless, british wimp, wanted Cena to give Randy the AA. No way was he doing that to Randy. He was threatened again. John picked up Orton and put him on his shoulders.

Wade stopped him and told John to put Orton on his shoulders instead, because he didn't want John to take the spotlight away from him.

Well, I hate to burst your bubble Wade but, the spotlight is on John and always will be.

I know that at Bragging Rights, there will be a lot of chaos going on with this match. All hell is going to break lose. The fury of Cena will prevail. Wade is going to end up kissing his boots(sneakers).

There's a lot of tension and frustration built up around this match. John won't turn on his peers or fans.