Why Jarrett Bush Shouldn't Make The Final 53

Aren DowCorrespondent IAugust 17, 2008

It was a disappointing game for Green Bay between the Packers and the Niners, especially on defense. At first I thought the Packer were only sending ten guys onto the field. Then I saw Jarrett Bush receive a penalty.

It was so bad, comparisons to Ahmad Carroll came to mind.

JT O'Sullivan worked Bush for half the field for one scoring drive, then Alex Smith made him his whipping boy as he completed three passes on him on another drive. Bush looked lost as he tried to cover second-stringers Dominique Zeigler and Josh Morgan. Who? Yeah, I've never heard of them either.

This isn't new. Bush demonstrated the same type of play last season, although granted, throwing to Harris and Woodson was much less attractive. Saturday, however, it was rookie Pat Lee playing opposite Bush, yet Niners quarterbacks looked his way every chance they could get.

What really gets me is the penalties. Bush had three, count them, three penalties in a preseason game. That is absolutely outrageous. One of the penalties came on fourth and two, keeping the drive alive for the Niners to score a touchdown. Woodson and Harris have their share of penalties too, but they actually play corner well.

This was supposed to be a competition for the nickel spot with Tramon Williams. Yet, I don't know how competitive this is when Williams is breaking up Chad Johnson while Bush is getting broke down by JT O'Sullivan.

The depth is catching quickly too. Will Blackmon and Lee are both on the roster so there isn't much room for error. The potential is greater with those two as well. Blackmon's speed and agility is yet to be fully tapped and the rookie Lee has been stronger as camp progresses.

A balloon made its way onto the field in the first quarter, providing more defense than Bush did. Heck, the balloon didn't even receive a penalty.

Am I looking for someone to blame the game on? Possibly, but I am tired of Jarrett Bush and ready to move on. McCarthy will be as well if he doesn't step up his game.