The Day After Super Bowl 43

Aaron LiebmanAnalyst IAugust 16, 2008

A day after league MVP Aaron Rodgers led the Green Bay Packers to a Super Bowl victory, his former mentor Brett Favre went under the knife for his second surgery in three months on his throwing arm.  Favre played only one series during the Jets disappointing last place finish season.  As you may recall, Favre was injured in the Jets season opening game against the Dolphins when he was sacked on his first pass attempt. 

Even before the season began, Favre was struggling to adapt to his new surroundings.  Once training camp ended, Favre was late to his first few practices because the cow he rode around in Green Bay had trouble getting around the city traffic.  Finally Favre put to use that four dollar Metro card gift he received upon his arrival to New York.  However, Favre was shocked to discover that four dollars only bought you two rides.  “I mean four dollars, where I’m from that could buy you trips all day”, he said.

The severity of the injury may force Favre to do something his mind couldn’t make up-retire.  However, Favre is adamant that not only will that not happen, but it cannot happen.  Currently Favre is at the center of a lawsuit brought on by the hundreds of thousands of people who bought Brett Favre Jets jerseys.  On top of that, Favre claims to have given away countless amounts of dollars to homeless people on the streets who promised they would pay him back.  “I gave them my address, but so far no word”, said Favre.

In other Jets news, fired coach Eric Mangini interviewed with his former employer, Bill Belichick, for a position on his New England coaching staff.  Although both coordinator positions are taken, Belichick has said that the job of jock strap cleaner would be available to him.

Meanwhile, Packers General Manager Ted Thompson said although he’s proud to have won a Super Bowl, he’s already concerned about the upcoming draft.  Due to Green Bay’s Super Bowl win, they will have the last pick in the first round.  The team will get an additional fourth round choice this year from Favre’s trade to the Jets.  Thompson remarked, “I was hoping we’d get a second round choice or even a third rounder.  But that’s the risk with a conditional draft pick.”

For Rodgers on the other hand, things only seem to be getting better.  He recently signed on to replace Favre as the spokesperson for Wrangler Jeans, and will appear on the cover of next year’s Madden videogame.  He will also host an upcoming episode of “Saturday Night Live,” and is currently dating R&B singer Rihanna.