The End Of The Gold Rush

Lucas DavisCorrespondent IAugust 15, 2008

The 2007 NFL season was a disappointment for San Francisco 49ers fans. The 49ers were looking to springboard off their 2006 season, which they finished with a 7-9 record. After a strong dismount the 49ers hit their head on the way down. Injuries and the loss of offense coordinator Norv Turner, now head coach of San Diego Chargers, didn't help the 49ers reach the playoffs. Alex Smith was constantly injured and seemed to be getting worse. The 49ers finished 5-11 in 2007

The 49ers entered the '08 offseason with two major problems, who was going to start at quarterback and who is going to catch the ball? They were unable to answer these questions in the 2008 NFL draft. With the number 29 overall draft pick the 49ers drafted UNC DT Kentwan Balmer. Who? After the loss of DT Bryant Young the 49ers needed another line stuffer. But what about another receiver for your quarterback? With guys such as DeSean Jackson and Devin Thomas, two very talented WR. A more suitable pick than Kentwan Balmer. In fact the 49ers didn't address this problem until the 6th round. Alex Smith should be the starting quarterback on opening day. Manly because the 49ers should know they aren't going to win more than 6 games and might as well play their million dollar baby and see where it goes. A so-so offense line will mean that Frank Gore will have a so-so season. ESPN fantasy football has Gore as the 10th best back. I would probably put him around 7th or 8th. The really only bright side to the 2008 season is that Patrick Willis will be returning. Willis was was the defense rookie of the year, and the NFL's defense of player of the year.

In the end the Niners aren't going to have a very good season. And could possibly be Mike Nolan's final season, unless there is major improvements. The 49ers have a very tuff schedule. One that includes both NY teams, New England, Dallas, and Buffalo. Looking at they're schedule the 49ers should be happy with another 5-11 season.