Flair Vs Foley Last Man Standing: A Must Watch For All Wrestling Fans!

Michael MalnicofContributor IOctober 2, 2010

Okay Wrestling fans You Are Not Seeing things. I, a Full Blooded WWE Fan Forever, Am Writing an Positive Article about TNA. I will admit that I Am NOT a Big TNA Fan. I used to watch it Here and there Before the Virus of Hogan and Bishoff Killed It.(Don't Get Me Started on those two Assholes!)

Now in the Past I have said that TNA is Just a bunch of Old, Washed up Former WWE/WCW/ECW guys past their expiration dates. I have said that TNA is just a Worse WCW copycat. I have said that TNA Fans are Just unintelligent old ECW Fans who only like Wrestling for Gore. I Have Criticized TNA for Trying to be WWE from 2005-06 and that Hardcore Justice was just a Bad ECW One Night Stand. I have Criticized TNA for Trying to got head to head with WWE. HOWEVER, I just watched The Mick Foley/Ric Flair Promo from Thursday's iMPACT and I Have to Say..HOLY SHIT and THANK YOU TNA! Finally I Enjoyed and was Entertained by TNA Programming.

Two of THE GREATEST Promo Men in the History of Pro Wrestling in the Ring At One Time Giving a Promo Way Past what they Should Be at Their Current Ages. This Was My Favorite TNA Moment Ever! Now I know what you are saying, That I don't Know what I am Saying and that AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe vs Christopher Daniels for the X Division Title in 2005 Is the Greatest TNA Moment Ever but 2 things. One, As I am Not a Big TNA Fan so I haven't seen that match Yet but plan to. Two, Mick Foley is One of My Favorite Wrestlers of All Time (Number 4 Behind 1 Stone Cold, 2 John Cena, and 3 The Undertaker) and In My Opinion, this is the Best Promo I Have seen for awhile.

I Also know that people are going to Say that this isn't going to be a Good Match because it is between Two Wrestlers past their Primes and while I Agree, Any Match Between Mick Foley and Ric Flair, I Will be Watching (Ahem Vince). Now I know that Mick Can't Wrestle that Good Anymore and it seems as if Wrestlemania 24 was Flair' Last Shinning Moment, This Will Be Must Watch for a few reasons.

1. There is So Much Real Bad Blood between the Two that the Promo and This Match reminds me a lot of Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels back in 1997. While it is not that Great (Bret vs Shawn one of the Greatest Feuds EVER) it Could Be Better than anything at WWE Hell in a Cell on Sunday besides The US Title Triple Threat. (Yes You did just see me Putting an TNA Match over a WWE Match.) Anyway, back to TNA, Real Bad Blood helps matches and Feuds. I Mean when I read Flair's Autobiography, I was Uncomfortable reading his comments About Mick and it pissed me off as a Mick Foley Fan.

2. This Could and Should be the Last Match between Two of the Greatest Men in the Wrestling Business. Ric Flair in my opinion Should have stayed retired after WM 24 as He is 61 Years old and Will Never have a better match Even if he Wrestles till he is 100! Now I understand the sad reality is that Flair Just doesn't know when to go and it Breaks My Wrestling Fan heart. However as a Wrestling Fan, I don't want Flair to go out with the Terrible feud with Hogan over HOF Rings (Yeah Kind of a Bit Feminine for my Wrestling Taste) As a Human, I don't want to see an old man Blade himself much longer and One More Time in a Last Man Standing Match with the Hardcore Legend would be Great. Speaking of the Hardcore Legend Himself, Mick Foley is 45 and Even though he did Officially retire Full Time after No Way Out 2000, and after about 20 Sporadic Matches here and there since then, I would rather see Mick be involved in the Business in other ways than just Wrestling. He is an Awesome, Best Selling Writer and has a few Younger Children and Though it Hurts me to say this, and Similar to Flair, He is Not the Same wrestler he was back in 2000! I am a HUGE Mick Foley Fan but, Having a different part in Wrestling would be better for everyone and this could be a Great last Match or Hopefully close to his last match as He Should Retire For Good After a Wrestlemania Match (aka Shawn Michales this year)! 

3. Just the fact that Mick Foley and Ric Flair Love the Business so much that they Still Want to have a Last Man Standing Match should be enough to Pull Any Person who Considers themselves A Real Wrestling Fan to Tune in to iMPACT on Thursday. And Yes You Did Just See Me Promote a TNA Show, I myself am a Bit Shocked at what I just Wrote!

So, yes I Will Be Tuning in to TNA iMPACT this Thursday the 7th of October to see Two of the Greatest Wrestlers Ever (My Opinion). As a Wrestling Fan I Hope that Everyone else Here on Bleacher Report Will Too! And Yes I did Just Endorse People to Tune in to iMPACT to where they Will Have one of Therir Highest Ratings EVER. Me, The same guy who in January Purposely did not watch Monday iMPACT so that WWE Would decisively win the Ratings Battle!

Until Next Time Wrestling Fans! As Always, Any Feedback be it Positive or Negative is Greatly Appreciated!