WWE Hell In A Cell 2010 Predictions: New Champions and a Few Surprises?

Michael Malnicof@@PsychoMike94Contributor IOctober 3, 2010

Hello wrestling fans! Okay so I Know I haven't written too much lately but Don't Worry! I have a couple of New Slide shows that I have been working on for weeks and You will see them published here in the near future. I Promise!

Okay well in 48 Hours, WWE's Lamest PPV, PG Hell in a Cell will be on. I say Lamest because without Blood or Daredevils like Mick Foley (Woo Woo You Know It) or Shawn Michaels, Hell in a Cell matches are unnecessary and Big Wastes of time and Money(Both in PPV costs and the money it takes to put together the 20 ft 5 Ton Cell.) Anyway so instead of No Mercy on Sunday, We Have Hell in a Cell the 2010 edition (Pause, Collective sad Sigh ). What Do you know, the Card doesn't look Pretty at ALL! Well, I did Promise you guys (Not being sexist, guys sounds better to combine both men and women of the IWC) a Hell in a Cell Predictions Article on My Review of Night of Champions (http://bleacherreport.com/articles/468253-night-of-champions-2010-best-ppv-of-the-year-my-review-on-last-nights-event) So Lets Get Started!

Match 1 Unified Divas Championship- Michelle McCool (c) vs Natalya 

Yeah not match of the PPV, Thats for sure. If it is then WWE should Close their Doors and IMPLODE! Okay, now that I got that out of my system the match. For once a Divas Match that contains at Least one Legit Wrestler (Natalya) and a very athletic diva (McCool). Here is a Cool little fact: This is the same match that Decided the 1st Divas Champion back at The Great American Bash 2008. That was also the last WWE PPV that was TV-14 before the now dredful PG Era! While that match lasted a whole 5 minutes, I see maybe a 7 minute match here. While many would take the Champion who became champion 2 weeks ago, I am going to go outside of the box and Pick Natalya to Be the NEW Divas Unified Champion or whatever it is called. I see Layla costing Michelle by getting involved and Mrs. Undertaker getting a clothesline and submitting to the Sharpshooter in 7 seconds. Wow, Go back to Unforgiven 2006 and Lita was able to resist the Sharpshooter from Trish for like 2 minutes! Ah Miss the Good ole days were Divas were there to Wrestle and not just have a pretty face!

Winner- Natalya- New Unified Divas Champion

Match 2 John Cena vs Wade Barrett 

I will start off saying that I Hate the Context of this Match! Even as a Cena Fan, I feel that this Handicaps the WWE too much. Either the Best Stable (Now that My beloved Straight Edge Society has just Vanished!) in WWE is Disbanded or The Franchise Player (No Not MVP Player!) is Forced to Join Nexus! But I have a Way to Fix this Match! I expect this to go for about 15 Minutes with Cena and Barrett going Back and Forth until.... No it is NOT Nexus as they are baned from ring side but a man the Call The Game. Thats Right Triple H Returns! But instead of Hitting Wade Barrett with the Sledgehammer, He Clocks Cena and the Match ends with a DQ. Now I know what your thinking. Hey Michael, That means Nexus Disbands. Actually My Young Padawan Learners (Ha I make myself Laugh) Something Unexpected happens that has never been Spoken on This Website (Sarcasm).... Triple H Unveils that HE IS THE RAW GM! Shocking, I know. And so He says Nexus is STILL Alive and Well he leads Nexus against Cena.

Winner by DQ- John Cena, Triple H Returns as Raw GM/Leader of Nexus

 Match 3- WWE Championship, Hell in a Cell, Randy Orton (c) Sheamus

This will definitely NOT be the Match of The PPV (My Opinion). However, if WWE gives this match 16-20 Minutes, it could be better than their SummerSlam Match. I am not really sure as I was opne who thought that Sheamus would hold on to the Title till now and Feud against a Returning Triple H but, he would be ready to wrestle for another month or two. So, I See Randy retaining  as Giving Sheamus a 2 Week Reign would do Nothing for him as would taking the Title From Orton. I DON'T Want to see a repeat of the Cena/Orton feud last year! This could end up being not that bad but without blood or escaping the cage, this probably won't be better than the Cena/Orton Cell match last year. Randy wins with 2 RKOs

Winner- Randy Orton (c)

Match 4- World Heavyweight Championship, Hell in a Cell, Kane (c) vs The Undertaker

The Only Match from the past 2 HIAC PPV's that I am looking forward to see and who can put on an above average Hell in a Cell Match in the PG Era. You've got The Undertaker, who is entering his 11th Hell in a Cell Match, the most for any Wrestler (It is appropriate as he is the Deadman and Father of the Hell in a Cell with Shawn Michaels). You've also got Kane who debuted Oct 5,1997 during the 1st HIAC Match and is entering his 3rd Hell in a Cell Match (The other 2 were no-contest matches on Raw Is War) and the Most Evil Wrestler behind His Brother. Like I admitted in my NOC Review, I Did Not Pay Much Attention to their No Holds Barred Match last Month as being in the PG Era, it was just a boring match. That being the case, This match Will NOT Be Boring, I guarantee you that! With the Great addition of Paul Bearer being an Adrenaline Shot to this Stale Feud, this will be Good. I Hope and Wish that this match would get outside the Cell, similar to SummerSlam 2008 (Which was the 1st PPV of the PG Era, No Joke). Back to this Sunday, with Paul Bearer on his Side, I see The Rejuvenated Undertaker to Win The World Title after both Kane and Undertaker exchanging numerous Chokeslams and at Least 1 TombStone Piledriver on the ring floor! Like the Way Kane won at Night of Champions, I See The Undertaker Reversing a Tombstone by Kane into a Tombstone of his own but then another Tombstone to put Kane away.

Winner- The Undertaker - New World Heavyweight Champion (8th World Title)

Match 5- United States Championship, Triple Threat Submissions Count Anywhere, Daniel Bryan (c) vs The Miz vs John Morrison

If you have noticed, I put this as the Last Official Match as for Me This SHOULD BE THE MAIN EVENT! Now I know what some of you are saying,  Hey Michael this is Just the US Title, The Ugly Brother of the Intercontinental Title and It has 3 Mid-Carders in it. While that would have been true 2 months ago, Not the Case Anymore. Daniel Bryan is Again signed with WWE and is The Reigning US Champion. The Miz is Mr Money in the Bank and with it is On his way to the Main Event Scene. John Morrison has come out of the Unknown in the past months and has been in Matches on Raw with The then WWE Champion Sheamus and Beating Chris Jericho two weeks ago. Anyway, for Me This IS The Match of the PPV! The Miz and Daniel Bryan have brought back Prestige to the US Title already and this match should bring more of it. The Interesting part of this match to me is the Submissions Count Anywhere Stipulation. As we all Know, Bryan has the Labelle Lock (Still the Crippler Crossface WWE, You are not fooling me) but The Miz and John Morrison are NOT Submission Specialists at All. I They don't Even have Submissions listed on any move lists I seen from many different websites! Obviously this favors Bryan but, don't be surprised if Morrison out of No Where some how wins. Now, as I stated in My Miz/Bryan Article, This is one of the Best Storylines in WWE right now but I don't Know if it will continue. I Mean The Miz is Mr Money in the Bank but I Hope that they leave Him as it for awhile, similar to Edge back in 2005 where he held it for 10 Months while going from Upper Mid Card to Main Event World Champion. What also helped Edge was his Feud With Matt Hardy which was from real-life, kinda like how Bryan was Fired for Tie-Gate and I feel that a Feud With Bryan until December/January could help The Miz Transition to the Main Event Stage. Also, with As I predicted early a Returning Triple H and Orton/Sheamus, The Miz doesn't really have a Place in the WWE Title picture open for him yet. Also with Alex Riley as Miz's Ring Side Assistant, anything is Possible. After 20 Minutes or so (A Lifetime Length for a US Title Match, but this match deserves it) Bryan gets The Miz to Tap out again to the Crippler Crossface (Hey WWE Sue Me)  and as for Morrison, He goes on to maybe getting together with a Returning Joey Mercury and Melina and go back to the Tag Team Circuit. Hey, We Need Tag Teams!

Winner- Daniel Bryan (c)

Rumored Matches

Edge vs Jack Swagger

As this is a rumored match, I'm not gonna use much time on this. While I am Happy To See Edge back on SmackDown! (Staying on Raw would do him No Good), this would probably not last that long, 13 minutes Tops but It Would be Nice to See Edge go to a Chris Jericho like approach of putting over the Young Guys and Jack Swagger is one of those guys. I know that his Title Reign was Bad but he did have Good matches with Orton at Extreme Rules and The Undertaker on Monday Night SmackDown! It would also be nice to See Swagger Regain some Momentum and Upset Edge Here with a Spear reversed in to an Ankle Lock or Gut Wrench Powerbomb for the win.

Winner- Jack Swagger

IC Title, Dolph Ziggler (c) vs MVP

Yeah, I see this Being Worse than the Last 2 PPV IC Matches and that is saying something as Kofi and Dolph, while repetitive, had good ring Chemistry. I Don't See Where MVP Came from or is Going so ABSOLUTELY Zero Reason to Take the Belt of Ziggler who Deserves a Good Lengthy Reign.

Winner- Dolph Ziggler (c)

WWE Tag Team Championships, "Dashing" Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre vs ?

I for one don't See This Match making the Card as we already saw The Hart Dynasty vs Cody and Drew on Raw and SmackDown! Twice in the Past 2 Weeks and The Hart Dynasty seems to be disbanding with Natalya Reviving her Singles Career and David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd at Ends with each other so no need for a 3rd meeting in 2 weeks just to disband a Team. Maybe The Usos but they seem to be back in FCW. Maybe Evan Bourne and Mark Henry as it would at least get Evan on the PPV even if the match would last 5 Minutes! So if there is a Tag Match, Obviously the Champs would retain

Winners- "Dashing" Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre (c)

Well, Wrestling Fans there are My Predictions for Hell in a Cell the 2010 Edition. Like the Title Suggested 2 New Champions and a Returning Triple H as Raw GM! Or At Least that's what I predict. Until Next Time Wrestling Fans. As Always Any Feedback is Greatly Appreciated!