Night Of Champions 2010: Best PPV Of The Year? My Review On Last Nights Event

Michael MalnicofContributor ISeptember 20, 2010

Okay Wrestling fans, I'm Back! I have been gone for a few weeks due to School and the Whole Eugene Incident. Anyway, I haven't been watching Raw recently and  because of that, I didn't really have any real Predictions or Thoughts going into to Night of Champions. (I will be doing a Hell in a Cell Predictions to try to make up for no NoC Predictions.) So Lets get Started!

Match 1 - Intercontinental Championship- Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler (c)

 Okay, this was for me a Boring SmackDown! Match and a Repeat we have seen a handful of times in the past few months. Nothing really until the end where Ziggler actually gets a Clean Win with the Zig Zag. (A clean win in the WWE! Unheard of). Also, I am sick of hearing Striker and Cole talk about Vickie being hot and what not. She does have kids and it is just Disgusting. 

Winner- Dolph Ziggler (c)

Match 2- CM Punk vs Big Show

As a Proud Member of the Straight Edge Society, I Loved Punk's Burn of Chicago. It just shows why CM Punk is One of the Best Heels in All of Pro Wrestling Today! Anyway, The Match SUCKED! Wow 4 Minutes with nothing until the last 50 Seconds! This Match would be bad even on SmackDown! Big Show wins with a Spear and the Knockout Punch.

Winner- The Big Show

Match 3- United States Championship - Daniel Bryan vs The Miz (c)

Wow, Finally after 2 months, The Miz Actually Defended the US Title! Talk About a Brain Buster! Okay, This was The Match of the PPV as Bryan and Miz put on a Great Match. As others have stated, This was One of Miz's Best Matches as he and Bryan just Work Great together in the Squared Circle. The Miz had control most of the match by Targeting Bryan's Arm. UNTIL, Bryan caught The Miz Sleeping and Locked on the Crossface. Yeah I Know WWE is calling it the Labelle Lock but it is the Cripper Crossface but WWE doesn't want anything to be connected to Chris Benoit! Also, Anybody else Notice MANY Similarities between Bryan and Benoit? Anyway that is another Topic for another Article. Also, I loved The Miz's Crying at the end, Not many can do the Cowardly Heel as well as The Miz can!

Winner- New US Champ, Daniel Bryan

Match 4- Women's and Diva's Championship Unification, Melina (c) vs Michelle McCool (c)

Okay, Not Much to Say (What's new about the Dead Diva's Division!). I was Surprised at how this Resembled a Wrestling Match! Melina and Mrs. Undertaker actually work Good Together. Easily the Best Divas Match of 2010. Also, It Actually went close to 10 Minutes! I was More entertained by this than the IC Title Match! That is Sad WWE! Anyway, McCool wins with a Big Boot and is the New Unified Divas Champion. Nice Job WWE of Using a 2 year old title over the Oldest WWE Title (1956-2010) and the Title which was held by The Fabulous Moolah, Trish Stratus, Wendy Richter, Lita, Mickie James, and the List goes on! Another Screw up By The Non-Creative Team! Also mad that Lay-Cool Did not Break Up but it is the Divas division so WHO CARES!

Winner- Michelle McCool

Match 5 - No Holds Barred, World Heavyweight Title- The Undertaker vs Kane (c)

Okay, I must confess that I DID NOT PAY ATTENTION TO THIS MATCH! I know how bad that sounds but I just was not into this match at all! Until WWE goes Back to TV 14, I Will Not Give No DQ match types my Time. Really, was a Fucking Weapon even Used in this Match! I would Rather re-watch Randy Orton vs Shane McMahon from No Way Out 2009, No Holds Barred than this! (Author's Note: That was Shane's 2nd Best Match, Not bad for a non-Wrestler!) Back to last night, I only really watched the Ending which I must say was A Very Good Ending. Having Kane Reverse the Tombstone, Brought Back Memories of the Orton/Undertaker Feud from 2005, a Great Year long Feud! So, Kane Retains with the Tombstone Pile Driver. Expect a similar Match in Hell in a Cell unless they either A) Get to the outside of the Cell and/On Top of it or B) One or Both Bleed!

Winner- Kane (c)

Match 6- Tag Team Turmoil Match, WWE Tag Team Championships.

For lack of a better word and Quoting Dane Cook, This was a Cluster Fuck of a Match! Lazy Ass Booking. First, Why Have the Hart Dynasty and The Usos, The Only 2 Real Tag Teams in WWE be the 1st Match! Also, to Have your Champions look Very Weak by having them Lose in 3 Minutes! Well there goes any Prestige the Hart Dynasty Brought Back to The Tag Titles! I have a Feeling that either David Hart Smith or Tyson Kidd did something wrong Backstage as I Haven't seen such a quick change in Momentum in the Back since Mickie James was stolen of the Diva's title after a 2 week reign and then Released Out Of Nowhere! Anyway, is was sad to see Santino and Vladimir Koslov become More Of A Joke. To Think that Santino is a  Blackbelt Figher and Koslov, a Russian Fighter Champ! Way to Go WWE! And then to Have The Usos be beat by a on the Spot made Tag Team of Evan Bourne and Mark Henry, Terrible! Thank the Heavens that "Dashing" Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre were able to Salvage what is left of the Tag Division after Last Night! At Least we Got to see the Awesomeness that is the Shooting Star Press!

Winners - "Dashing" Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre

Main Event

Match 7- Six Pack Challenge, WWE Championship

Chris Jericho vs Edge vs John Cena vs Wade Barrett vs Randy Orton vs Sheamus (c)

For Me, This Match was better than I expected it To Be! Now, Hold on and don't read to Much into it. Even though it was better, It was still an Above Average Raw Match at Best. Okay, first off Chris Jericho being Eliminated a minute in Did Surprise Me and as others have said, The Rest of the Wrestlers Sold it very Well. Uhm, The Match did help some things. One, Having Barrett Finally Pin Cena was Great as it helped cover the mistake that was SummerSlam. Also, Cena DOES NOT NEED THE WWE TITLE TO FEUD WITH NEXUS! I did Love the Bit of Heel Cena of him Beating the Shit out of Nexus with the Steel Chair! That one scene was more No Holds Barred than the Whole World Title Match! Having Orton kick out of the Bicycle Kick was Great as it helped both Sheamus and Orton. The Ending of Randy Orton Countering the Razor's Edge into an R-K-O was AWESOME! Even though Sheamus Lost, It gave him Credibility as it Showed that He CAN Have a Clean Finish. And Finally, Randy Orton Regains the WWE Championship after a 11 Month Journey! I still find it hard to believe that Orton is a Face as A Year Ago, he was the NUMBER 1 Heel in Pro Wrestling. This Was not close to as good as the US Title Match but at least DID NOT Sink the PPV!

Winner- Randy Orton!

Thats All Folks 

So in all Night of Champions 2010 was an Okay PPV. Money In the Bank is Still Safe as being the Best PPV of 2010 but Last Night was in the Middle. Also, WHAT THE FUCK IS WITH WWE ENDING THE PPV'S WITH 15 MINUTES LEFT! If they are going to Advertise it as being a 3 Hour PPV than have it be a 3 Hour PPV! Really WWE, Couldn't Add a Battle Royal or Segments to fill 15 Minutes! This Pattern has Gone on WAY TOO LONG! So, Night Of Champions was an Okay PPV! See You Later and As Always, Any Feedback, Postive or Negative, Is Greatly Appreciated!