Favre Saves The Day

Daniel SmithCorrespondent IAugust 14, 2008

Brett Favre is now a NY jet. Brett Favre is now a NY jet…I can go on forever and while other sports fanatics and football fans look at me like im crazy, us jets fans should be happy and deservedly so. We as jets fans have been subject to terrible teams, have been made fun of as kids, and the joke of the friends group with comments like: hey ! how was watching Curtis martin and Keith byars fumbling and letting john Elway back in the game? Hey! How was it watching testaverde blow his Achilles tendon in a promising year. And one of my personal favorites. Hey! How was it watching O’Brien miss those field goals against the Steelers. With all of this I keep my head up and look ahead to this up and coming jets season.

Lets take a look at one area that will obviously be improved by the presence of Brett Favre. the passing game.


        Coles and Cotchery living up to there potential

Lets start with Coles. Laveranues Coles is a dynamic wide receiver who has the potential to be a pro bowl number  one receiver year after  year but always seems to fall short. One of the big reasons for this is the quarterback position. Coles runs good routes,has good hands,great speed, and good hops. But one thing that has always eluded him was a great quarterback. Some will blame his height and injuries but how can you fully judge a man who has had Patrick ramsey,chad pennigton and a washed up mark brunell throwing you passes. Coles did shine in 2003 with the Washington redskins with : 82 rec for 1,204 yards and 6 td’s. but other then that coles has been up and down his whole career with his numbers and I truly believe this is a cause from his starting qb’s having up and down seasons as well. With brett favre here as a new York jet now I believe the defense will respect his arm and not stack the box as much as they did or blitz as much as they did in the past against the jets. Which will allow for a better running game which will in turn have a better play action game and allow coles to stretch the field and finally use those burners of his.

The emergence of dustin keller

I truly believe dustin keller in 3yrs time will be in the top 3 to 5 tight ends in  the national football league. He has great speed and good hand for a tight end and will be a pivotal part of the offense this year for the jets if he could open up the middle of the field and become a favorite target of brett favre it will make not only the 1 and 2 wide recievers become more productive but the running game and dump passes as well.


The running game

The running game will be much improved and a huge part of that will be the offensive line reconstruction the jets did this year . but with Favre here that only makes Thomas Jones smile so much more now. With chad Pennington not having a strong arm the defense would stack the line and also did not respect chad’s play action ability leaving Jones with limited holes.(the offense line didn’t help either) but with Favre here, the defense must respect favre’s arm and big play ability as well as coles speed and not stack as much as they have leaving jones with more gaps to run through better draw plays and dump off’s.

If the favre plays well he does not just help the  passing game but the running game as well. Go jets.