My Story About The Bleacher Report

ThomasSenior Writer IAugust 13, 2008

There seems to be much talk about how B/R has affected people.  Well, I thought I'd share my story and tell people I'm here to stay on the Bleacher Report for a while.

I was born in 1990 at Walter Reed Medical Center.  For the first three years of my life, I wasn't expected to live.  I'm thankful to say, that I've survived past three and have just had my eighteenth birthday.

When I was born I had many dysfunctions that the doctors had to fix.  Today, no one can tell anything has ever happened to me.  However, all those dysfunctions and doctor visits have left me unable to actively play sports.  Sure, I can play a casual game of soccer or football, but I can't go sign up for a team and then play.  I'd literally overwork myself and croak.  Enough about my health though.

I've always loved sports.  Before my family moved to Thailand when I was just getting out of middle school, we travelled the entire country from California to New York.  I went to 45 states during those years.

The whole time we travelled, I used to watch football, baseball, and basketball all the time.  Then, all that was taken away when I went to Thailand.  In Thailand, I found new sports like soccer, golf, and tennis.  Now, I watch almost every sport around and seem to spend forever surfing the web about sports.

I've always been a good writer.  In school, my papers and stories were always getting attention.  I wanted to become a sports writer, but I found out that I'm better suited for the computer, so now I'm majoring in computer programming. 

My love of writing and sports has never gone away though.  Recently, I wondered if there was a place to combine the two.  I knew there were sport blogs and things like that out there; I just had to find one that I liked.  Then along came an article about Brett Favre on Yahoo!.  I read it, I liked it, and I found out it came from this place called Bleacher Report.

I immediately got interested in it and, before long, I had signed up and written my first article about Manchester United great Ole Solskjaer.  Within the hour, I found out that this place was addictive.  I couldn't stop reading and writing.  Within a week, I had written over fifteen articles and commented on over 200 different stories. 

At first, I didn't think people would actually read my stuff.  I saw senior writers like Andrew McNair, Jeff Harbert, and Lisa Horne, and I thought, “I’ll never write as many articles or win as many Pick Of The Days as they have.”

But before I knew it, my articles were on the front page of sports like the Olympics, teams like Manchester United, and leagues like MLS. My articles were getting read by thousands and I was beginning to grow a following.

People like Dakota Rubin (my fellow MLS junkie), Lauren Green, Eilyn Segura, L.J. Burgess (my self-proclaimed "agent"), and Andrew McNair (my favorite writer on the B/R) were becoming my fans. To top that all off, one of my articles were eventually picked as the Pick Of the Day. 

Needless to say, I have been very happy at Bleacher Report.  I’d like to thank those people that have become my fans and who have given me positive feedback.  I hope to continue living out my dream of being a sports writer on B/R and bring you all 5-star articles.

To you newcomers who seem to join every hour, like Emily Thompson and others, I wish you all the best of luck at this brutal but great place called Bleacher Report.