Minnesota Twins: Weekly Roundtable 8/13

Andrew KneelandSenior Writer IAugust 13, 2008

Delmon Young has shown great improvement from his first half. Will this year be labeled as a disappointment for him?

Dan Wade: The season isn’t over yet, so I’m not sure we can judge Delmon yet. If he can finish strong and push the Twins into the playoffs, I think he’ll be called a late bloomer, but a huge contributor. If he fades, yeah, I can see him being labeled a failure.

That said, the trade can’t be judged on just one year. Delmon is here for the foreseeable future, and I can’t see the Twins quitting on him just because he struggled at the start of this season. It will be a few years before a real judgement can be made.

Nick Nelson: I do think that this season will be labeled a disappointment because he
has shown essentially no improvement from last year. After hitting .288/.316/.408 in 2007, Young (as of Monday) currently holds a .287/.334/.390 line this season for an identical 724 OPS. In essence, he has offset a modest improvement in patience with a decrease in power. The drop in power certainly is most concerning, since he'll need to develop some pop in order to become an above-average contributor at a corner outfield spot. It's unfair to expect Young to be a super-star at age 22, but he should at least be developing and improving -- treading water will not get the job done.

With the bad news regarding Cuddyer, has Everett's season been saved? What would you do with him?

Dan Wade: Ugh, Everett is safe for now, but that’s not a good thing. Casilla and Tolbert will both be back before Sept. 1, and at that point, Everett becomes the odd man out once again. If Everett continues to struggle in the field (his plate prowess is a given), Alejandro Machado has played well in AAA lately and could be called up to fill the gap.

Nick Nelson: Everett is of no use to this club and should be designated for assignment
as soon as possible. He is a black hole offensively and his defense has been completely inadequate due to a weak and inaccurate throwing arm that has been ravaged by shoulder problems.

Who do you call up in September?

Dan Wade: Bobby Korecky, Jason Pridie, and Machado for sure. I could see maybe calling up Luke Hughes but the Twins don’t like to push players up multiple levels too quickly. Kevin Mulvey could also be used in long relief to help in the pen.

Nick Nelson: Bobby Korecky, Ricky Barrett, Luke Hughes, Alejandro Machado

How much time do you invest in the Olympics? Do you follow them closely? What are your thoughts on the 12-hour time difference?

Dan Wade: Anytime I can watch sports at any hour, day or night, I’m a fan. In all seriousness, the Olympics are incredibly interesting to me, because of my academic interests, so I tend to watch a lot, but not always for the events themselves, but for the rivalries, fan interaction, and other things that go along with the Games.

The games belong to the world, so there is no reason that nations should be excluded from hosting them for TV reasons. The time difference doesn’t bother me, but I am glad that some events are shown live. Seeing the US men beat the French in the 4X100 relay as it happened was certainly a special moment.

Nick Nelson: I have only a passing interest in the Olympic Games. I'll watch them for
a bit if I'm flipping channels, but I don't go out of my way. Some of the events are pretty cool though.