Minnesota Vikings Right To Balk at Trade Demands for Vincent Jackson

Ian PhilipAnalyst IIISeptember 23, 2010

Better than you think, Vincent Jackson was going to run a double move on the Vikes
Better than you think, Vincent Jackson was going to run a double move on the VikesScott Halleran/Getty Images

There are a few Minnesota Vikings fans who are outraged over the trade demands of San Diego Chargers general manager AJ Smith, but they shouldn't be.

The Vikings just avoided on huge mistake by balking at the Chargers demand for a second and third round pick in exchange for Jackson. Jackson's agents Feinsod and Schwartz were not able to agree on a long term contract with the Vikings and they likely had no interest in agreeing to one either.

This is strictly opinion, but common sense tells you that Team Jackson wanted to rob the Vikings out of $6-to-9 million and then rake some other team over the coals for even more money in 2011 or 2012 due to a clause preventing the Vikings from using the franchise tag.

Vincent Jackson is a player that has dominated in the playoffs.

He snuck into the 2009 Pro Bowl and dominated. He's had quite a few game winning catches among numerous highlight reel grabs. He's led the NFL in yards-per-catch average over the last two years. He's frequently seen elevating over two and three defenders and making impossible catches look easy. 

Looking at his number of catches and yards does not tell you how good of a player Jackson is.

Teams know how good he is and yet aren't interested in what Feinsod and Schwartz are selling. Jackson, Feinsod and Schwartz are a package deal. The agents are notoriously difficult to deal with and quite unprofessional.

Do these sound like the words of a professional?

“Archie Manning had it right about this organization (the Chargers),” crowed Neil Schwartz.

"They call (Smith) the Lord of No Rings for a reason,” cried Jonathan Feinsod.

Those quotes sound like something you'd find on a gossip site like profootballtalk.com, not coming from a professional sports agent. A good agent would cringe at the thought of his client making statements such as these. A great agent would prevent mudslinging (or bridge burning) from coming from the player, let alone the agent himself.

Don't kid yourself.

The Vikings would have had little to no chance of resigning Jackson. Think about the big money and you think about the Washington Redskins, the New England Patriots, the New York Giants and the Dallas Cowboys. Team Jackson is looking for a huge payday and the Vikings $6 million offer was not it.

That was a way out of San Diego, but the deception didn't work. 

How would you as a Vikings fan feel if the AJ Smith is using your team's third round pick in 2012 to move up in the draft with a huge smile on his face, while Jackson has a cigar in his mouth and his arm around Redskins owner Daniel Snyder's shoulder? 

Like a fool with your pants on the ground. Isn't that right Percy?