Raider-49er game "is what it is" and Brett Favre

Rick FallerCorrespondent IAugust 12, 2008

Raiders-49er game “is what it is”

It has been a few months since I have attempted to put words to paper. During the long summer I have had trouble getting my interest up. Now that we have our first preseason game in the books I’m starting to get a bit jazzed up.

Friday night’s game between the Raiders and 49ers is what it is or should I say was what it was? Two words, Its Preseason!

Going into the game I thought the Raiders would be able to run the ball and they did. I thought the 49ers would have trouble scoring and they did. No crystal ball here. The 49ers had trouble most of last year scoring, and the Raiders for the most part ran the ball well last year.

There was a lot of gushing over McFadden and Bush going into the game. They both did fairly well as did Justin Fargas with five rushes for 25 yards for a 5.0 YPC. JaMarcus Russell did not throw the ball all that much so it still remains to be seen if he has what it takes in that category.

It appeared that the game plan while JaMarcus was in the game was run, run and run some more.  RB Louis Rankin (un-drafted FA) ran up a lot of yards for the Raiders against some guys that probably have a better chance selling peanuts at a game during the regular season than actually playing in a game. Again, no Kool-aid drink here, it was a practice game that means nothing. Well it’s better to win than lose I suppose.

Worth noting; Terdell Sands showed great hustle getting down field to recover a fumble. Word is he came into camp much more dedicated and about 65 pounds lighter this year.  Andrew Walter shows he may be the best passer on the team as he entrenches himself as the back up to JaMarcus Russell. Todd Watkins is a surprise, as was the play of Kalimba Edwards DE and Trevor Scott DE and Jake Grove C. (I'm sure there were others)

For the 49ers team, I don’t know that much about the players as one should if he is to write about them.

I do know enough to be impressed with Josh Morgan WR. He looks to be a good draft pick. J.O’Sullivan QB looks real nimble and has some zip on his passes. He may also have a little Tuiasosopo in him. That is, they always give the other team a chance to win the game. Chalk it up to trying too hard I guess, that interception deep in Raider territory was not pretty. Did I mention it’s a Pre-season game?

Next week the Raiders go to Tennessee. Ronald Curry WR and Rick Brown LB will see action for the first time. We will see if more passing packages will be in the plan for JaMarcus Russell,

Late news is the Raiders just signed Sam Archuleta to give the defense a little more depth. I doubt he will do more than help on special teams as he is a great tackler and has a nose for the ball.

I have to add a little something about Brett Favre. I mean everyone else has had something to say so why not I?

Brett has been one of those guys that have helped put the NFL where it is today as a multi-billion dollar industry. I will never forget how he torched the Raiders one night on the same day his father passed away. He is a fans player and a gunslinger that almost commands us to stop whatever we are doing and watch when he is in the game. He will always excite you. He will also always give the other team a chance to win and that is the mystery to his make up as a star in this league.

Having said all that, I believe the news coverage has been just a bit over the top.

Brett has threatened retirement, retired, and came back three times. The Green Bay Packers did the right thing in trading him. The Packers had (after a tearful staged retirement performance on television by Brett) set up their future plans and their 2008 draft based on his Brett's actions.

Brett is now a New York Jet and I could care less. Well until he plays the Raiders that is.