WWE Night Of Champions 2010: A Night To Remember?

Miss AnnieAnalyst ISeptember 20, 2010

The New WWE Champion, Randy Orton
The New WWE Champion, Randy Orton


The night when each championship is put on the line was really a night to remember.  Honestly, I think it was one of the best PPVs so far this year, and not just because Randy Orton FINALLY won. (Although that was the best part of it for me.)  So without further ado, let’s see what really stuck out on this PPV.


Intercontinental Championship: Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston

They had one last PPV, but it was cut short with Nexus’ interruption, so it was good to give them another chance. As expected with these guys, the match was pretty fast paced.  Dolph Ziggler retained his title so this feud might not continue.

What’s really surprising here is that Dolph forbade Vickie Guerrero to interfere in the match, and Vickie wasn’t too thrilled about it. Nor was she happy with Kaitlyn trying to ‘aide’ her boy toy.  This would allow for something that lead to Dolph and Vickie’s separation, and maybe even a ready storyline for Kailtyn after NXT 3 is done.  It’s also good for Dolph to not have had Vickie help him as it makes his title reign as IC Champ more credible.


CM Punk vs Big Show

It had a filler match feel last PPV, and it definitely was a filler match on this PPV since no title was on the line for it.  CM Punk gave a nice little promo and got the heat from the crowd that he wanted, after getting cheers from the same crowd a few minutes earlier because he’s a local of city.

It was a pretty short match, for someone like Punk who I thought was among the Main Eventers or higher Mid-Card level at least.  Nonetheless it was good. Punk pretty much carried the match, but Big Show won in the end when he tackled Punk mid-air as he jumped off the corner buckle, and the big KO punch.

So, then, what happens now? I think Punk needs to move on to some other opponent. No one’s really interested in this little feud with Show, is there? It’s gone on long enough for Show to help his new movie Knucklehead get over.


US Championship: The Miz vs Daniel Bryan

I’ve got a bone to pick with the announcing on this match. They kept talking about a lot of unrelated stuff, and not calling the match right around the start to about 1/3 of it.

Anyway, Miz and Bryan actually did put out a good match. Miz actually put on several holds on Bryan, focusing on his shoulder and arms, to negate the LeBell lock, which were impressive.  Of course, Daniel Bryan was very impressive as well. At one point, he jumped through the second rope on to Miz, reminiscent of his match on NXT against Jericho.

Bryan was practically fighting with one arm, and almost got the pin several times until he successfully got the lock on Miz, and made him tap—and we got a new US Champ!

This was surprising in a good way.  I didn’t expect Bryan to win on his first try; hence I expect this feud to continue on, especially with Miz looking bewildered after he lost. I’m pretty sure he will be hounding Bryan, or maybe even cash in the MitB on him, otherwise, he could go for Orton’s WWE Championship, which doesn’t look like a good venture for him.

Alex Riley was also there, and tried to interfere in the match to help his former-pro, but that backfired, so that’s probably going to be the end of that relationship.  What I wonder is, why does he get to be on a PPV while Joe and the other guys doesn’t? Who was NXT 2 winner anyway? Why was Kaval not there? When are we going to see the other guys’ debut?


Unification Match Diva/Women’s Title: Melina vs Michelle McCool

I’ve not been a fan of the divas matches; let’s put that out right there this early. But this was a pretty good match.  I think it was a good choice to have Michelle fight against Melina rather than Layla too.

I thought LayCool was about to split with Layla unhappy about being ‘cheated’ out of the match.  But flawlessness prevailed and she came through for Michelle in the end, providing a distraction for Melina, and allowing Michelle to take advantage.

It seems like every one of the Diva hates Michelle too, not attacking Melina when she’s out of the ring. Wasn’t that the purpose of Lumber Jills? I thought either that was meant to be funny because it was stupid, or the Divas just doesn’t know what their role were.

They finally did their job, thanks to Natalya who attacked Michelle.

Now, what’s next for LayCool? I hope they do something with that little tease of a Michelle McCool vs Natalya rivalry. Now that The Hart Dynasty are no longer Tag Team Champions, Natalya can focus on her singles career, and a feud with LayCool would be just the right venue.

Melina on the other hand could maybe be put in a storyline with Morrison again. I’ve been hearing stuff going around that they’re going to put them together against the team of Ted DiBiase and Maryse.  It could help the other three get more air-time, I think.


World Heavy Weight Championship No Holds Barred: Kane vs The Undertaker

This was another good surprise.  I hadn’t the slightest expectation that Kane would be allowed to go over The Undertaker.  The match itself was pretty awesome and action packed right from the start as Taker went up the ramp to attack Kane before he even complete his entrance.  That was a nice touch throwing Kane against the pillar too.

The Undertaker did a real good selling on Kane’s attacks. He’s truly one of the best guys who do so.  It was a well fought match. The ending was also great, with Kane reversing the tombstone. I’ve seen it done before but it’s still amazing to watch every time.

They did ask a very important question after the match: “What now?”

What now, indeed? Do they continue the feud? Perhaps they would—on Satan’s Structure, Hell in a Cell, next month. It’s almost a guarantee.  You know what else is almost a guarantee? I think it’s Undertaker getting his revenge on his brother Kane.  If you ask me, I’d rather have Kane win again, but then that’s not the popular choice.


Tag Team Championship: Tag Team Turmoil

The Hart Dynasty are no longer champions. They lost to the Usos, who lost to Mark Henry and Evan Bourne, and they lost to Cody Dashing Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre, who won the whole thing and became the new champions.

This match was called “Tag Team Turmoil”, and it was indeed that. It was absolute turmoil at the start. The Hart Dynasty losing so quickly, Kozlov and Santino ‘appearing’ and ‘disappearing’ in matter of seconds, the Usos losing to a team that was put together for the night? I hate to sound like the Miz, but really? Really?

At least the new champs looks like they could work together as a real Tag Team, so it may not make up for everything, but it certainly is interesting.  Being the Tag Team Champions also allows the two to appear on Raw.  I could already picture Cody Rhodes crossing paths with DiBiase and having that, “What’s you gimmick?” kind of promo.

I think Cody’s got the better deal on their split, though. This Dashing gimmick’s pretty awesome.

WWE Championship 6-Pack Challenge

Rightfully the last match of the night, because of the energy it brought.  It was obvious enough who the majority of fans want to see come out as champion, and that’s none other than the WWE’s Apex Predator, The Viper, Randy Orton.

Jericho’s quick elimination was one surprise that probably was not so unexpected.  People are actually thanking him for all his hard work in the industry already, when we’re not even sure he’s really going to quit.  Jericho’s been ‘fired’ a lot of times already and yet he’s still here.  Being the heel that he is, I actually think he’s just going to go back on his words about quitting, and continue this little feud with the Raw GM, until we find out who it is.


The match itself was just fantastic. It showcased each talent equally, except maybe for Jericho who got eliminated a few minutes into the match.  Cena actually got pinned and eliminated by Barrett, via Wasteland. Of course, he has to get his revenge quickly and attacked the other Nexus guys, inadvertently helping Randy Orton by leveling the playing field.

In all honesty, I wasn’t surprised Randy Orton won.  Overly happy and ecstatic, yes, but not surprised. I've had a feeling it was going to happen since two or three weeks ago, but I didn’t want to butt in here or in every other thread that says it’s all build up for nothing on PPVs.

The anticipation was well built up, hence the explosive celebration of the fans, as expected.  Randy's been white-hot as of late. And the "look good on TV, fail on PPV" theory, as much as it almost always comes true, there's still a percentage that it doesn't, especially when, the call for something to happen is so loud and strong.

And for that alone, I think this was a pretty memorable night, not just for me and my fellow Ortonites, but for everyone as well.