Your Girlfriend's Picks: NFL Week 15

Amina Abdul-MalikCorrespondent IDecember 11, 2007

IconEvery week I take a deep look into five of the top NFL games, giving a female take on America’s real favorite pastime and throwing out my picks on what should be another exciting week of NFL action.

Ask Yourself...

• Where in God’s name was that No. 1 ranked defense that everyone talks about?

• Why is everyone acting like the Cowboys' defense didn’t just give up over 300 yards in another win scraped up over a non-elite team?

• Under-the-radar running backs are saviors for fantasy teams aren’t they?

• How is it that there were four QBs with four touchdown passes this week? Really, what has happened to our cornerback position?!

• How long are we going to have to deal with lackluster commentary from over opinionated ex-players?

1. Washington Redskins vs. New York Giants

The Redskins pulled out a heart-wrenching win over the reeling Bears on Thursday in which backup QB Todd Collins played extremely well in place of Jason Campbell.

Although Collins played great, it will NOT be enough to keep up with the roughhouse Giants defense. The Redskins defense is giving up too many passing yards and too many fourth quarter points.

Eli Manning has been struggling up until last week, when he had 219 passing yards in a comeback win against the Bears.

This will be the week where Manning steps it up and stands up to that family name. With Brandon Jacobs back in the mix, the Giants will win big in this one.

Pick: Giants

2. Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Pittsburgh SteelersIcon

In an almost pitiful loss for a team with the number one ranked defense, Pittsburgh is back to the basics.

They showed no vigor and didn’t stick to their pound-it-out game plan, looking mediocre at best.

Jacksonville, on the other hand, is in place for a wildcard spot. Even though they went down to Indy, they are showing a bit more passing game with David Garrard's stability while still having thrown only one interception this season.

In this game, the running attack will really show and the outcome will be decided on which team can stop the run better. This pick is one of the hardest this week seeing as Troy Polomlu’s status is still unsure, but I’m going with the home team Pitt to come back strong after a disappointing loss.

Pick: Pittsburgh

3. Buffalo Bills vs. Cleveland Browns

Playoff spots are clearly up for grabs in this game with Buffalo trying to knock off Cleveland for the second wildcard spot.

Sitting at 7-5 the Browns need this win desperately to keep their playoff hopes alive. With this win they can take the lead over the Browns in this thick AFC wildcard chase.

Derek Anderson has continued to show up as an emerging QB but Buffalo is hoping Marshawn Lynch will have a big game and open up some big plays against the Cleveland defense, which has been suspect all season.

I’m not confident that Braylon Edwards and company will break history this season and make the playoffs, so I’m going with Lynch and the Bills in what promises to be a great matchup.

Pick: Buffalo

4. Detroit Lions vs. San Diego Chargers

Detroit is coming off of another heartbreaking loss and the Chargers are coming off of an overtime win that NOBODY showed up to other then LT.

The Chargers aren’t showing me anything except a bit of run blocking. Phillip Rivers is playing very lackluster and no one-dimensional team can make it in the post-season no matter if they’re sitting pretty in their division or not.

Detroit is pretty much out of the playoff race and Kitna’s prediction of a 10 win season is looking quite silly.

However, in their game against the Titans, who have been slipping throughout this season, the Chargers have looked worse and worse week after week. Pass game, zilch. Defense, Merriman likely out this week which will be a huge blow to this San Diego defense that is letting up an average of 327 passing yards a game.

Kitna will show up big and pull this one out for his team.

Pick: Detroit

5. Chicago Bears vs. Minnesota Vikings

This Vikings team is hot. So hot in fact that, the leading rusher in the league can be held to only three yards over 14 carries and that team still wins 27-7.

Although that win was over a pitiful team like the 49ers it still puts the Vikings in an almost secure wildcard spot. Chicago is riding a two game losing streak until the wheels fall off.

Griese looked horrible, so horrible that Grossman’s inconsistency would have been heavily welcomed over Griese’s two interceptions. I see no real future for these Bears. The Super Bowl loser's curse is hitting them hard this season. 

Their once-potent defense is looking older and older, and their offense is hobbling along this season with only 19.5 points a game.

This one looks to be a blowout...unless they kick to Devin Hester.

Pick: Minnesota


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