Are the Redskins the Real Deal?

Stephen AnglissAnalyst IAugust 11, 2008

It was the Hall of Fame Game, and the Redskins  had just ended a perfect weekend for Washington by winning a convincing 30-16 victory over Indianapolis. The Redskins, under new rookie head coach Jim Zorn, played an impressive game by passing the ball to near perfection, running the ball without being stopped, and playing defense without being fooled.

Not much was thought of the victory because, after all, it was a preseason game. Then, a week later, the Redskins pulled another win over the Bills with excellent passing by Jason Campbell, and even better running by Marcus Mason. It was only the defense that could have played better that day.

Now, after two strait weeks of great Redskins football many people are beginning to wonder, " Are the Redskins the Real Deal?" Jim Zorn has not stopped impressing us since he arrived, and these two preseason games are no exception. It would be safe to say that if it weren't for Zorn's play-calling the Redskins probably would of lost against the Bills. It was a fourth down touchdown run, and a screen that caught the Bills off guard that gave the Redskins the two touchdowns they needed, and those two plays can both be attributed to Zorn's play-call. Even in the final quarter Jim Zorn's stick to the run put the skins' over the top.

So how much of this is real? Are the Redskins really the high octane machine that they have been playing like, or are they nothing but a preseason sham? Many people consider the preseason to be a fancy scrimmage that is meaningless and futile. Is Jim Zorn pulling all the stops in his offense to give the Redskins what they need to win? He has said that  he is using the preseason as a way to teach his new offence so it would be safe to say that Jim Zorn is using more of his playbook then most other coaches. However what has surprised even Jim Zorn so far is that the Redskins have executed his offense better then expected. Jim Zorn, while admitting there's more work to be done has continually praised his team for for their execution in a game.

So what can we expect from the Redskins? In the preseason nothing is certain, but this one thing might be true. Dan Snyder could have actually found the last piece to the Redskins' puzzle. Yes, Dan Snyder just might have found the right man for the job. We will never see the old Redskins again. Jim Zorn has brought a new life into this team, and it is beginning to show this preseason.