Making IWC´s God Bleed: Problems I Have With John Morrison

HellbillyCorrespondent ISeptember 15, 2010

John Morrison. Monday Night Delight, Shaman of Sexy, The Guru of Greatness. Also one of the most popular wrestlers in the Internet Wrestling Community (IWC).

Almost everyone argues how he is one of the best wrestlers in WWE right now, how he should have been former world champion at this time, and how he should be pushed to the moon.

From all wrestlers, John Morrison and The Miz are the two I can say I spent most time debating about since I joined this site. It´s maybe coincidence as they´re former tag team partners, but no surprise.

Both are popular topics of IWC, but while Miz literally polarizes reaction of its members, Morrison is IWC´s golden boy, with only a small part of it plays the role of Devil´s advocates. I can say, I´m one of them.

If name Hellbilly is at least a bit familiar to you and you read some of my comments, you must know what I think about Morrison. I must make one thing clear: I don´t hate him. I consider him overrated and I oppose IWC members who deify hm as The Next Big Thing.

It´s a difference. Haters don´t want to see someone´s positives, critics sees them but also the negative side. I decided to do a synthesis of all my thoughts, observations and opinions about Mr. Morrison. I´ll do it in a way of presenting my opinions about most common claims Mofos say about him.

This is not a rant, bashing, hater article or anything like that. Just to make it clear.

Before I start, I apologize to Iron Man 2 for stealing a quote for my article title, but it fits so well I simply couldn´t refuse. Now, let´s go:


JoMo´s mic skills are weak just because he is a face. As a heel, his mic skills are main event level.

Since the most criticised thing about Morrison is level of his mic skills, this claim is the most common. People say that if JoMo was a heel, his mic work would be incomparably better.

It sometimes look as if it was a whole different person who plays face Morrison and heel Morrison.

First of all, the person is always same. It´s true that heels tend to be better on the mic, cause they have more freedom to speak, but I think that you either have it or not.

I never saw people complain that HBK/Undertaker/Triple H or other great mic workers should turn heel/face because their mic skills are much better in that role.

They can cut a promo in any role. Yeah, they may have better promos in certain role because it suits them better or they have more freedom I mentioned, but if they have it, they can go in any role. I heard similar claims about people like MVP or Cena.

Cena as the PG superman is forced into being corny on the mic. But, even if he says cheesy lines, his promos are still good. Same for MVP. Maybe "it" is better as a heel, but he has it also as a face. His promos are good, no matter about persona.

Now I get to Morrison. As a face, he simply sucks. He´s boring, nervous, sounds scripted and has a monotonous voice like a robot.

As a heel, his promos are better (more freedom), but he still sounds nervous and looks like he never heard two words named "voice control."

His simply has stage fright. Now, how can you perform in front of 15 000+ people if you´re afraid?

I believe if he wants to be pushed, he should rather invest his time and money into acting lessons and therapy rather than doing parkour and watching Jackie Chan movies.


He is one of the best wrestlers in WWE. He always has great matches and he´s got large and very innovative moveset.

Thing that his fans love most. Exciting matches, great high-flying stuff, crazy spots. At least that´s what they claim...

Let me make one thing clear. I think high-flying is overrated. Safest way for wrestler how to become IWC´s darling is to be a high-flyer. When you´re a brawler or powerhouse, it´s the safest way how to be labeled untalented and be ignored.

Yes, the IWC loves high-flyers. I don´t share this love. I think it doesn´t look very credible.

While JoMo´s moves may be fancy, they either look like they doesn´t touch his opponents or poor JoMo hurts himself more than his "victim" while performing them.

What it´s worth to have great looking moonsault variation as a finisher when you can´t perform it correctly most of the time? His successful, connected Starship Pain performed on Jericho last week was first in a long, long time.

His running shooting star press also wasn´t done correctly for quite some time. Flying Chuck (or Flash Kick, as Cole calls it) looks more sloppy as the weeks pass.

If he also had some other, simpler and different moves in his repertoire, it would be OK to screw flying stuff from time to time. But the problem is, he doesn´t do anything aside from that.

His standard offense consists of 7 or 8 moves. I´m not gonna argue he can do more of them. He surely can, but he doesn´t.

He never uses submissions, his striking is horrible, and when I´m looking at his physique and guessing how much time he spent in the gym, I wonder why I never saw him use even a simple body slam.

He relies on one-sided moveset too much, and this moveset becomes boring when you see it so often.

I also wonder, when people bash Michelle McCool for stealing her finisher from AJ Styles, why don´t they bash John for stealing most of his moves from him? I´m just sayin´.

His matches can be entertaining. However, with bigger and more varied moveset, they could be less predictable.


Morrison was seriously pushed last summer. If WWE continued his push, he would become world champion eventually.

Now, the "Summer Push" case. Many people believe that he was seriously pushed in the summer, and he was on the right track to be a future world champion.

OK, he had one WHC match with Hardy on SD!, but I believe it was done to keeping Hardy-Punk feud fresh (basically not to let happen something what happens now with Kofi-Ziggler feud).

And also, he won the IC title from Mysterio. I may be weird, but I associate push with PPV appearances and prominently featured storylines, not with two good matches.

There were 5 PPVs during summer (May-August). How many PPV matches JoMo had? One. Serious push? I don´t think so.


During John Morrison and The Miz tag team, JoMo always carried and outshined Miz, who was only in sidekick role.

Fans loved this tag team. And they expected JoMo to become star after its disbanding.

I´m not gonna analyze what happened after disbanding, I´ll keep my attention strictly to their time as a team.

To say that someone carried someone in it is ridiculous. Miz did the talking, and John did the ring work.

They helped each other this way. This relationship was a symbiosis-profitable for both sides.


JoMo is the new HBK.

Epic fail. No one can be like HBK. This comparison only puts more pressure on John. If his fans want to do him favors, they should stop with this.

So, I guess it´s time for some praise. JoMo is a very talented athlete. Some things he can do are truly amazing.

If he can improve some aspects of his ring work as I suggested, his matches can be real pleasure to watch.

He can also overcome stage fright. It only depends on him, if he has passion and dedication to be on the top, he´ll understand what he needs to learn.

So, he has future in his hands. He can turn out to be world champ, he can also turn out to be true Jannetty of JoMo and The Miz.

Possibilities are endless.

And they´re like doors in front of John Morrison. He must decide if he opens the doors to fame, although there can be obstacles in the way, or doors to being lifelong midcarder. Let´s hope he decides right.


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