Gerard Pique: The Warrior Within, a 'Bloody' Good Player

Adi-Oula SebastianCorrespondent IISeptember 13, 2010

The Warrior Within
The Warrior Within

Ever since Gerard “Piquenbauer” Pique transferred back to his boyhood club FC Barcelona, he's accumulated nothing but success.

He went from being on the periphery of First-Team Football in Manchester to an undisputed starter with FC Barcelona. He has proven himself to be an integral component in Pep Guardiola’s side. At 23, he is already recognized as one of the best central defenders in the game, maybe the best in his age group.

It’s a safe assumption that Sir Alex Ferguson must rue his departure even more in light of the transfer fee, which was around 5.000.000€.

Pique is known for his keen sense of positioning as well as his ventures forward. But this summer has added another dimension to his repertoire. The well-known prankster has discovered, or more fittingly endured, new levels of pain.

At the World Cup, he suffered consecutive (bloody) blows against Switzerland and Honduras. Last Saturday evening, the Blaugrana tasted a defeat at home for the first time in 16 months, yet Pique tasted (his) blood again.

It can only be attributed to his fighting spirit and bravery to always engage himself in this manner.

By the time Gerard Pique finishes his career, he might look like an MMA fighter, because if he stays injury-free, he has another decade or so playing football at the highest level.

Even though this current FC Barcelona team is packed with La Masia graduates, nobody is more equipped to be the next Blaugrana captain than Carles Puyol’s heir-apparent, Gerard Pique. The guy literally throws himself where it hurts and never whines.

Now that’s dedication.