Jones,Ferguson and other jets, Can they live up to the hype?

Daniel SmithCorrespondent IAugust 10, 2008

With this, up and coming jets season ahead of us. I am starting to wonder. Who are the jets that need to step up and prove something this year?

1. Thomas Jones – played his first full season with the NY jets last year and put up some pretty good numbers considering the terrible offensive line the jets had, but im wondering how good Jones will really be? Will he be the Thomas Jones that ran for over 2,500 yds with the bears in 2005 and 2006 or the Jones that did not eclipse a 1,000 yds any time from 2000 to 2004. When the line did block well we saw some good flashes and strength from Jones, but in my opinion Jones does not create well when protection breaks down and while he does have good top end speed I think Jones is slow of the block. Hopefully

We use Leon Washington to his full potential this year and give him more carries. To have

A 1-2 punch. If Jones plays poorly behind a good line this year or Washington out plays Jones do not be surprised if you hear, some boo birds from the crowd.

2. D’brickashaw Ferguson- Ferguson was the 4th overall selection by the NY jets in the 2006 NFL draft Man was I stoked. Ferguson was an awesome tackle in college and he was born in my hometown New York, NY. However, during his rookie season the NFL game showed some weak points to Ferguson’s game. While Fergusons quick, he was getting beat of the snap by defensive ends and muscled around by bigger lineman. I brushed it off as rookie mistakes but in 2007, I noticed brick getting beat by those same weaknesses, though he did make improvements in his run protection. I’m hoping he becomes a solid tackle and a main stay here with the jets. lineman usually take a little longer to develop so im thinking he will get better, I just hope he gets better this year because he is a big part of this offensive lineman.

3. Bryan Thomas- was going down as a big bust for the NY jets until the 2006 season

Where he put up 77tackles and 8.5 sacks. Jets fans went crazy and figured Thomas was starting to come around with more experience in the game. Wrong, the following season Thomas went back to his usual ways putting up 47 tackles and 2.5 sacks. Thomas was slow off the snap, looked unmotivated and was pushed around by bigger stronger tackles and tight ends, he lacks speed to keep up with elite talent and his coverage skill is not very impressive, im-hoping Gholston is a better hybrid and outperforms Thomas to see more snaps. Or can Thomas who knows he is on the ropes here with the NY jets catches a new fire and attitude and performs as he did in 06. Im saying don’t count on it.

4. Brad smith- brad smith was a quarterback conversation to wide receiver

And showed some flash with the jets on trick plays and special teams the last two years

Jets fans were really expecting smith to step up and snatch that 3rdreceiver role. He really did not. though smith does have good speed and hands, he does not run routes well and does not have that snap off the break in the routes that other receivers have and does not create well when the play breaks down. This I believe is a make or break season for smith. Who has two wide receivers that are crawling for that spot and which I believe will take his spot – David clowney and fan favorite Chansi Stuckey(if he can stay healthy).

5. Various jets on the fence – Chris baker, it is put up or shut up time for baker who has the young kid Keller behind him. Justin miller, its time to show the jets you are worth being a cornerback on this roster and not just a return specialist. Maybe Dwight Lowery will put some pep to his step.

6. Put a fork in them- David Barrett, the jets have held on to this one for to long, he is slow, and makes too many mistakes. Barrett I think this is your last season with the jets.