Big Show vs. CM Punk Cheapens WWE Night Of Champions

Ian Malone@ianthomasmaloneCorrespondent IIISeptember 11, 2010

Hey where's my title?
Hey where's my title?

Night of Champions has been around for a few more years than most of WWE's gimmick PPVs. The concept is basic yet carries a sense of importance. Yet WWE seems bent on cheapening the concept by adding matches that don't have a title to them. 

The titles in the WWE have been largely irrelevant over this past year. The Nexus have taken over Raw and most people will probably forget that Kane vs. Undertaker is actually a World Title match.

WWE cared enough to give the Tag titles a fresh look. Too bad they're as irrelevant as ever. 

Miz vs. Daniel Bryan may be the best match of the night. The U.S. Title is actually looking like more than a prop. 

We've seen Ziggler and Kofi a bunch of times already. 

The Divas.... don't really know what to say. 

WWE has faced a problem because it has less titles than recent years. The ECW Strap was retired in February and The Tag were unified. The Divas titles will be unified at the PPV. 

Why can't Ted DiBiase defend his Million Dollar Championship. It's the same thing as all the other belts. It doesn't get defended and no one cares about it. 

The tag title match hasn't actually been booked, yet WWE decided to put CM Punk vs. Big Show on the card. I know that WWE wants star power, but this is the wrong way to get it. 

I commend them from not putting Punk, Show, Rhodes, and whoever else on Smackdown has any amount of prestige (not a long list) into the WHC match but come on. Don't put matches that don't belong on NOC.

You may be wondering why I don't have a problem with Hell in a Cell or Tables, Ladders, and Chairs which feature plenty of matches that don't have stipulations. The answer is that NOC was actually a good PPV. Buyrates have been decent enough for the show though it seems to get moved around a lot. 

Night of Champions needs to feel special. The problem is that it feels a lot like NXT Season 3. WWE is trying hard to sell us on something that they really haven't cared about. The Divas are irrelevant and so are the championships. 

Kane doesn't even carry the belt around half the time. 

Punk and Show can take a PPV off. CM Punk has been buried and Big Show isn't really that much of a main eventer anyway. 

Rey Mysterio isn't on the card. Why can't they be left behind, too?

WWE's buyrates are not very good right now. Money in the Bank was creeping into December to Dismember territory.

Sooner or later they'll be creeping into TNA territory as well.