Brett Favre Defeated By The "Washington" Packers

Medicine_Gone_BadAnalyst IAugust 9, 2008

If you run into Brett Favre and ask him what 16 years of uninterrupted service, 3 MVP's, and a Super Bowl will get you, Favre will probably say:

"That and a dollar will buy you a cup of coffee in the state of Wisconsin"

Green Bay Packers management hired President Bush's former press secretary, Ari Fleischer, to help them win the public relations war versus Brett Favre. Ari Fleischer brought his bag of politics and successfully achieved three tactical objectives:

1- Intimidate & Isolate Green Bay Packers Players Support

Ari Fleischer had the Packers players assembled in a room and brought up his close personal ties with President Bush; hitting a patriotic nerve within the players. Ari then explained to the players how this issue has nothing to do with them (their starting QB?) but only between Brett Favre and management; with management and Rodgers benefiting with the players silence.

There were no anonymous player quotes in the media voicing support for Favre; score a point for Fleischer and "teammates silence"

2- Question Brett Favre's "State of Mind"

Packers Management denied Brett Favre access to his teammates locker room on "family night"; hitting at the core of what Brett Favre is really about. With Favre being rattled by this turn of events, Coach McCarthy decides to have a "brutally honest" discussion in which predictably, Brett Favre would never feel welcomed back in the Green Bay organization.

Brett Favre had just been denied access to HIS locker room by security and decides to "part ways"; score a point for Fleischer and  "state of mind"

3- Green Bay Packers Are The "Victims"

Coach McCarthy said that he had to "protect" his team from Brett Favre; the man who gave 16 years of his life to the Packers organization? When did Brett Favre become the enemy and ever stop being a teammate?

Green Bay Packers players need security protection from Brett Favre; score a point for Fleischer and "Packers are the victims"


  1. The Green Bay Packers never publicly welcomed Brett Favre back
  2. The Green Bay Packers had "moved on" from Brett Favre
  3. The Green Bay Packers said that Brett Favre could be a backup (his "State of Mind" is now ok?)
  4. The Green Bay Packers offered Favre a 20 Million Dollar "marketing" deal to stay retired

The Green Bay Packers management claimed that they were "honest" throughout the whole Brett Favre ordeal. "Honest" people don't need to hire a Washington gunslinger like Ari Fleischer.

Green Bay media should be able to publicly disclose how much money the Packers management paid for the services of  "Ari Fleischer Sports Communications"; the man who helped to rip out the heart and soul in Green Bay.

It's one thing to accuse someone of being a whore, but another to make them feel like one.

The Vikings beating the Packers on Monday Night Football should prove to be very entertaining; Aaron Rodgers with the look of "this Brett Favre gig isn't as easy as it looks from the sidelines".

Next day the headlines will read: "Packers Play With No Heart"

Ari Fleischer knows where the Green Bay Packers heart is:

Fleischer's home state of NY!