Brett Favre The Next Victim Of The Madden Curse?

Monty SinghSenior Analyst IAugust 9, 2008

Brett Favre has been on TV 24/7 since he decided to return to the NFL. It even got to the point where they were updating when he was taking a shower.

We all wonder "why would the Packers not let Favre come back?" People say it is because they had moved on or they feel Aaron Rogers needs to be given a shot. All the answers you hear are wrong. It is because Favre is on the cover of Madden 09.

Yeah this breaking news is true.

Since 1999 when Madden's popular football video game decided to put the best players on the cover, the player on the cover and the team suffered in some way.

Michael Vick, who was on his way to becoming one of the greatest football players ever, decided to take the cover for the 2004 version. He is in jail right now not regretting the dog fighting, but regretting ever making this drastic move in 2004.

Since he was on the cover he suffered an injury in the preseason and was never the same. He went from great to being a bust. The team went from NFC Championship to Matt Ryan.

Vick was not the only victim. In 2001 when Eddie George took the cover he failed to rush for over 1,000 yards and the Titans went 7-9. The rest of his career went down hill from there. Just tragic.

Remember Daunte Culpepper? He was one of the best QB's in the NFL at one point. He was a co-MVP with Peyton Manning. Well he was on the 2002 cover. He got hurt and never threw the same. He is looking for a job right now.

In 2003, Marshall Faulk proceeded with his worst season ever. Later Steven Jackson took his job from him as the franchise moved along without him. People say age did this to him, but I say it was the Madden jinx.

Ray Lewis before his horrible decision to make his cover debut for Madden in 2005 was the best defender in the NFL and was arguably on his way to being the greatest.

The Madden curse was scarred of Lewis and really did not effect him. He did not have any interceptions in 2005 for the first time in his career, but was barely effected. However, the Ravens team went from Super Bowl to lottery.

In 2006 Donovan McNabb went from Super Bowl QB to getting used to getting carted off the field. He suffered from a hernia and his numbers were horrible since. He has failed to stay healthy as the the idea of being on the cover haunts him more than Terrel Owens.

One of the worst effects of the 2007 Madden curse was on Shaun Alexander. The former MVP who had most touchdowns ever at the time broke his foot and it all went downhill from there. He is currently without a job like Culpepper. Just sad.

Last season after Vince Young took the 2008 cover, he was considering retiring since the "game was not fun no more." The pressure was getting to him.

Young did get the Titans to the playoffs, but his numbers were horrible with 9 TD's and 17 Int's. Worst of all the curse got to me in my fantasy league too.

LaDanian Tomlinson was supposed to be on the cover, but he rejected it as him and his team went to the AFC Championship game. Best decision he ever made in his life.

This year Favre is on the cover. Every one thought the curse would be broken with Favre retiring. The curse hit Favre in the worst way where his old team did not want him back. Like having a knife being stabbed in your back.

Favre had to go from the country to tall buildings, in which he cannot handle. From Wrangler jeans to dress pants.

The Jets are happy now to have Favre on their team, but for how long? The curse may not be over. Favre could get hurt, Chad Pennington could take the Dolphins to the Super Bowl, and the Jets could go 0-16.

It is time to address this important issue and put Madden himself back on the cover.