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Patrick ReadSenior Writer IAugust 8, 2008

                                              THE NEW YORK YANKEES

          The Highlanders, Murderers Row, Bronx Bombers and Baby Bombers.



Washington Dc   August 7, 2008 

In keeping with the most recent open open-mic request, to put together an all-time roster for any team and from any sport, the New York Yankees have the richest legacy and deepest of all talents on any one franchise, plus a winning tradition paralleled by no other team worldwide. 

Their 26 World Series Championship Titles remain second to none in any country, and in any sport which has come to lay claim to ...."The Yankee Universe." 

I will include the bench with a mixture of right-handed and left-handed sluggers, include a designated hitter, a rotation mixed with lefties and righties, a mid-reliever, late-reliever and a closer too; which is finalized with the All-Time Television broadcasters, radio broadcasters and newspaper as well.

Order and Line Up

1.)     Leading off and playing Center-Field is Right Handed, Joe DiMaggio.         

          Career Batting Average = 325. Hall Of Famer (HOF)

   Joltin’ Joe or the Yankee Clipper was the sharpest tool for the Yankee defense from 1936 To 1951. Joe made his MLB debut in NY and was an all-star every year he played earning 10 rings out of his 13 year career life in the bigs.  He is tied for the most World Series Titles with Yogi Berra and is # 4 in Yankee All-Time OPS.

   Touting the all time least likely streak to be overcome, Joltin Joe has the record for most consecutive game hit streak with 57 games in  a row with at least one hit.  His speed was memorialized by Yogi Berra, who once said, “You never saw Joe DiMaggio dive for any ball hit to center-field.  He was either in position to catch the ball before it was hit or with his speed he caught everything chest high.”

2.)     Hitting second and playing first-base is Left Handed, Ludwig Gehrig.

          Career Batting Average = 340. 1st ever Yankee Captain (HOF)

The Iron Horse played 2,130 consecutive games from 1923  to 1939 Lou was the only person inducted into the Hall of Fame having played in the very same year. Having been clean up hitter for the widely known “Murderers Rows” Yankees, Lou holds the American League record for RBI with 184. Having busted into the league in 1923, Lou was as a reliable left handed bat as any in Yankee history having helped New York transition from Murderers Row and into what became known as the Bronx Bombers.  Undoubtedly Lou would be sure to move Joe over and into scoring position. He was # 2 in All Time Yankee OPS.

3.)     Playing Third Base and hitting third is right-handed, Alex Rodriguez.

              Career Batting Average 308.  Future HOF

Coming into the league at age 19, Alex was widely regarded as the league’s premiere short stop in the mid 1990s and his widely known for his range ability along with a rock solid arm.  He is the youngest of any player to have hit 500 home runs, and with reliable power and speed he would hit in this top three in order to move runners over and drive in runs simultaneously. He is # 2 in All Time Yankee home runs per at bats behind Babe Ruth and is number 5 in OPS.

4.)     Batting 4th & Playing Right Field is left-handed, George Herman Babe Ruth

            Career Batting Average = 342  (HOF)

The Sultan of Swat held the title Home Run King when fences were 450 feet, the league used what is now known as a “dead ball” or softer ball and when pitchers had an advantage by throwing off of a higher mound.  The Bambino out homered an entire league in 1927 with 60 fence clearing shots in only 540 at bats, in 151 games.  The Babe - even now - remains the standard to which all great power hitters are compared.  Having been traded to the Yankees in 1920 Babe played 14 years in Pinstripes and ended his career hitting 3 home runs in his final game with the former NL team, now in Atlanta, the former Boston Braves in 1935.  Babe leads just about every pertinent offensive title including batting average, runs scored, total number of bases and all-time home runs.

5.)     Starting in Left-Field and hitting with both hands is # 7, Mickey Mantle.

          Career Batting Average of = 297 (HOF)

The Mick was stronger than a mule and was famous for being a work horse who carried the team to ….rings.  With power from both sides The Commerce Comet hit a home run ……feet form the right side and ….. from the left.  Having good speed and a great right arm Muscles would more than cover left field and be bale to throw runners out at second form the wall without question.  He was the #....hitter for    years and would drive runs in or drive the ball out if no runners are on-base.  The Mick was 3 in Yankee All Time OPS.

6.)     Hitting left handed and playing catcher is Bill Dickey.

               Career Batting Average = 313  (HOF)

The philosophy here is that guaranteed Joe or Lou gets on base and then between A-Rod, the Babe and the Mick someone has hit a double, or more.  So at minimum, a runner should be on second with maybe another on third with some runs on the board.  That is why I bring in Dickey here - This is a second lead off spot given the bats in the first five so I look for a reliable bat for a smiple base-hit to score runners and set up the next power bat.  Can't afford an out in this spot nor the next.

Bill Dickey is the mentor of Yogi Berra and is tied for the fourth all time Yankee highest batting average with only Joe, Lou and Babe any higher.  Dickey played his whole career with the Yankees starting 1928 he was a 9 time All Star catcher and ended his career in 1946 with 11 years having more than 120 hits.  Spanning across 2 decades he was both a part of Murderers Row and the Bronx Bombers he has 9 World Series rings, which is only second to Yogi.

7.)     Playing second-base and hitting right-handed is Tony Lazzeri.

           Career Batting Average = 292 (HOF)

Push Em Up Lazzeri played on the Yankees from 1926 through 1937 and also transitioned the team from the Murdering Row days to the Bronx Bombers.  IN his rookie year Tony had 14 home runs and 114 RBI.  He earned 5 rings and hit a career best .354 in 1929 while going seven years with more than 100 RBI and 5 consecutive seasons with a 300 plus average.  Towards the bottom Anthony is positioned here to load ‘em up once again.     

8.)     Batting eigth is the left handed Designated Hitter, Jason Giambi.

          Career Batting Average = 288 average, possible HOF

This is the power bat that Dickey and Lazz were placed in front of, one of the two should be on base - and with Giambi's slugging plus his 3rd All-Time homers per at-bats the chances are he knocks one out.

Reggie comes in a close second but Jason edges him out in slugging, OPS and is hitting 26 points higher in average than is Reggie.  The Big G averages 28 homer runs per year and if he plays 7 more years he is on track to hit 575 home runs and currently is at 386.   Jason is a 5 time all star and tied with Reggie with one MVP. 

Jason is in the top three for All-Time home runs per at bat with 14, just behind A-Rod at 13.8 and Babe at 10.9. Jason is 6th in All-Time OPS too.

9.)     Hitting 9, or the second lead-off position, is the right-handed current captain and short-stop Derek Jeter.

              Career batting Average = 315. Future HOF

Mr. November is only the third player in Yankee history to be named the team’s captain.  Derek began his career in 1995 playing short and the next year helped the Yankees end a 19 year World Title draught.  In 14 years he is a 8 time all-star and Captain America is without question the best Yankee shortstop in the history of the organization winning 3 consecutive gold gloves in 2004, 05 and 06.  Derek was rated in the top 3 best at short in the 1990s and has set the standard for short stops to be judged league wide.  He has never played another position in his professional career. Having him here offers Joe Di a relaible bat to hit behind and someone with speed, and then it all starts over again.


On the Bench

Yogi Berra (285-Left - HOF), Thurman Munson (292-2nd NYY Capt. –Right - Probable HOF). Reggie Jackson (262-Left, HOF-), Bernie Williams (297 – Switch, possible HOF), Bob Meusal (309 – Right - HOF). Roger Maris (Left-4th All Time, 1st All-Natural, HR KING) Rickey Henderson (279-Right-Speed-HOF).

note: Re Roger Maris - he replaced Babe Ruth as the single season HR King, who hit 60 homers while playing in 10 less games than did Maris.  The league added 10 games to the roster, brought the fences in from 450', changed the ball's consistency and lowered the mound all to enhance performance. 

The league gave Roger Maris an asterisk in the Hall of Fame on his HR King Title, which was later removed in the early 1990s thus alleviating any performance enhanced issues but - Roger had already passed by that time. That maybe the way Pete Rose and others will be dealt with too.  Roger Maris's ball remains in the Hall, but Roger Maris himslef is  not a member - he held the single season HR King Title longer than anyone else in history.



1.)     Whitey Ford– (HOF) Going with another lefty after a righty, The Chairman of the Board had a career 2.75, and with 3,170 innings pitched, Whitey helped earn a total of 8 World Series Titles.  The Ford was one that came in as a Yankee Major Leaguer and went out one too.  He had an overall ERA of 2.75 with a career low of 2.13 when appearing in 10 games or more.  – Left


2.)     Roger "Rocket" Clemens– (probable HOF) Following the lefty is one of the only pitchers to have ever won a MVP.  The Rocket has earned 354 wins (8 All Time), with 4,672 strikeouts (3 All Time) and 7 Cy Young Wards (1 All Time) and helped the Yankees win two more rings.  Clemens came into the league as a Red Sox, spent 2 years in Toronto and then 5 years with the Yankees, only to go to Houston for 3 years and spent his last year -so far- a Yankee for a total of 24 years.   He has an overall 3.12 ERA with a career low of 1.87. – Right.


3.)   Ron “Gator, Louisiana Lightning” Guidry–(possible HOF) Starting with a lefty who touted the All Time Yankee Low ERA, Gator helped re-secure two more rings after the slue that began in the 1920s and ended in the 60s.  Gator came in as a Yankee Major Leaguer and went out one too.  His over all ERA was 3.29 and he had a career low and the third All-Time Yankee low ERA of 1.74 in 1978 – Left


4.)     Red Ruffing–  (HOF) With a second right-handed pitcher who averaged over 220 innings each year and had a low ERA of 1.77, Ruffing pitched a total of 85 World Series innings and helped earn 7 World Series Titles, including four in a row from 1936 through 1939 and then another 2 in a row in ’42 and ‘43.  Ruffing came into the league with the Red Sox, spent most of career in Pinstripes and played his final year with the White Sox.  Ruffing threw less than a 4 ERA in 13 consecutive years.  He had an overall ERA of 3.8 and a career low of 1.77 in 1946.  – Right


5.)     Lefty Gomez- (HOF) Following another right is Lefty Gomez who has 29 Yankee Shut-Outs (3 ) and helped the team earn 5 rings. Lefty averaged 247 innings per year and boast an overall ERA of 3.34 with a career low 2.33, which he did twice.  He came into the league a Yankee and went out with the then AL team, Washington Senators, in his last and final year of a 14 year career. – Lefty


Bull Pen Including Two Relievers and a Closer. 

The 7 inning bridge starts with Goose Gossage who had a career 3.01 ERA, an All-Yankee low ERA of 2.14 and a career low of .77.  Goose rates third in all time Yankee saves per innings pitched at 151 (S) / 533 (IP).

The Set-Up Role is being filled by Dave Righetti who has the last most all time Yankee saves with 224 and is third in one-year saves with 46.  Righetti is ranked second in Yankee saves per innings pitched at 224(S) / 1137 (IP).

Closing is, Enter the Sandman, Mariano Riviera who leads both, career saves at 471 and in single-season saves at 53, and is then second as well at 50.  Mo has a career-ERA of 2.31 (2 All Time Yankee) and a low 1.38.  Super Mariano leads the Yankees in saves per innings pitched at 471 (S) / 1004 (IP).


Coaches:Casey "The Old Professor" Stengal (HOF Mgr. - 7 time WS Champion) and Billy Martin (1B Coach and 2 time WS Champion) and Joe McCarthy (HOF - Bench Coach - 7 WS Championships) with Ron Guidry as the Pitching Coach.

TV, Radio and Newspaper:

My All-Time TV play-by-play announcer would go to John Sterling and although branded a “homer,” there is no better play-by-play man in the game, save the home run calls.   Phil Rizutto (SS - HOF) is the color commentator with Jim Kaat (P-HOF) as an Analyst.

Radio:  Mel Allen (HOF) is the play-by-play announcer with Charlie Steiner his color commentator.

All Time Newspaper: The NY Post featuring George King is my favorite-for-now writer.  He’s good.  The Daily News can go blow, which probably excites Lupica to no end - they're a bunch of Yankee Haters led by ol Mikey from Boston College.







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