Pittsburgh Steelers Won't Win Running a "Prevent Offense" with Charlie Batch

Alan ShimelCorrespondent ISeptember 4, 2010

The Steelers QBs
The Steelers QBsGreg Fiume/Getty Images

I am amazed at the supposedly smart people who are making the case for Charlie Batch to be the starting quarterback for the Steelers now that Byron Leftwich is hurt and Ben is out for only four games. 

I like Charlie Batch. He has been a good trooper for the Steelers, though he has gotten hurt a lot. I think he will make a heck of a quarterback coach sometime soon. But you don't win in the NFL playing prevent offense.

The reason I am seeing is that Batch will be a great "manager" for the offense.  Just what we need. Not someone like Dennis Dixon, who may try to shake things up and could make a key mistake.  Come on guys, are you kidding me?  This is the NFL we are talking about. 

Do you honestly think you are just going to roll over your first four opponents "managing" your offense?  Don't you know on any given Sunday, and all that?  If you want to win those games, you need to go out there and grab them.  

You don't win playing a prevent defense, and you sure as heck don't win playing a prevent offense either! Also, just to recap, we are playing Atlanta, Tennessee, and Baltimore in three of those four weeks. These are not walk-overs, guys. I am not sure where the cockiness comes from that we think somehow we can just manage the offense, running the ball predominantly and win these games.  To win in the NFL, you have to go for it. 

Can you imagine playing a prevent offense against Baltimore? Ray Lewis will wind up breaking Mendy's shoulder again.  We need to go out there and play for the win.  That means establishing the run, passing and putting the players out there that give us the greatest dimensions.  Not caretakers.

I, for one, say put Dixon out there. Let the other teams have to game plan for Dixon running. Give them more to think about.  This idea that we can let Batch just hand off the ball and win like we did in Carolina is ludicrous. We need a quarterback who is going to challenge the defense, not a caretaker.