Campbell Expects Big Things for the Washington Redskins

Stephen AnglissAnalyst IAugust 7, 2008

Jason Campbell could possibly be the most unlucky quarterback ever. He had a tough college career as he faced a new offensive scheme every year. But it was his senior year when Jason Campbell led Auburn to an undefeated season under a West Coast offense that propelled him to be a first round pick by the Redskins

Even as a pro in Washington, Jason Campbell didn't get any breaks. In Jason Campbell's past four years he has had to face three new offensive schemes. Jason Campbell has had only 20 starts and was finally beginning to grasp Al Saunder's offense when he got hurt.

Who took his place? Well it happened to be a complete unknown who played nearly flawless football, and led the team to the playoffs. Did I forget to mention that Campbell is in the Final year of his contract? Jason Campbell hasn't exactly lived the quarterback's dream.

Despite all the odds he has faced, Jason Campbell envision's a big year for the Redskins. Not only does he expect a Pro Bowl caliber season, he also sees the Redskins going much farther than a Wild Card game in the playoffs. These are pretty lofty goals from a guy who's only started 20 games.

So where does Campbell get all these positive feelings? They must be coming from somewhere. Most quarterbacks who have been through what Jason Campbell has would have been nervous wrecks by now. So why all the optimisom?

Answer: Jim Zorn.

Jim Zorn has come to revive Campbell's career. The only question is, how far will he take Campbell? Jim Zorn has come to Washington D.C. to instill a West Coast offense that he believes will put all the pieces together of this Redskins puzzle. All this however, hinges on Jason Campbell, and Jim Zorn knows that.

It's not every day you see a Head Coach working one-on-one with a single position, let alone a player. Jim Zorn knows Jason Campbell can be great, and Zorn's going to make sure that he does this.

Jason Campbell has been given special treatment from Jim Zorn, and is playing behind a fully healthy offensive line. Jason Campbell is finally starting to grasp the offense that made him shine in Auburn. He has healthy wide receivers, and now has the two top wide receivers in the draft. Who knows, Jason Campbell might end up being the luckiest quarterback ever. We'll find out this season.