Kevin Durant: Is Durant On His Way To Surpass Kareem's All-Time Scoring Record?

Hayden KimCorrespondent IIISeptember 3, 2010

NEW YORK CITY, NY - AUGUST 12:  Kevin Durant of USAB is interviewed during the World Basketball Festival Community Morning at Radio City Music Hall on August 12, 2010 in New York, New York.  (Photo by Marc Lecureuil/Getty Images for Nike)
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Just recently, my mind has come across the certain possibility that Kevin Durant could somehow surpass Kareem Abdul-Jabar as the all-time scoring champion.

With that in mind, let's breakdown the possibility into reality.

Heading into his third NBA season, Durant is just a mere 33 points shy of 6,000 points. This last year, Durant averaged an impressive 30.1 (PPG) and I see no reason why he can't continue to keep doing so.

Now just because Durant is putting up amazing numbers does not guarantee that he will be able to sustain a consistent average of (PPG) throughout his entire career.

There are many things that could get in the way of this dream-type possibility turning into reality. Injuries, laziness, and age can all affect Durant from surpassing Kareem.

Before I go into the details, let's take into account that Durant has not officially stated the desire to even attempt to become the all-time scoring champion. In fact, Durant said that his ultimate goal is to win championships.

So with that, let's try and breakdown Durant's possible future numbers.

Minimal Number Of Years Needed To Play

At the rate Durant's going, it will take him about 15 more years to pass Kareem, oh and he has to average at least 30 (PPG) every year of his career.

Realistically it won't happen, but with great players, you just never know.

Taking MJ's Spot

Though I don't see Durant surpassing Kareem, I could see him taking Michael Jordan's #3 spot. Jordan scored 32,292 points in his career, that is about 6,000 less than Kareem, so it is more realistic.

Future Numbers/Career

As of right now, Durant is averaging 25.3 (PPG), but we all know he can average more if he wants to, so I would expect Durant to average somewhere around 30 (PPG) in the next five years, and around 20 (PPG) any year after that.

If Durant could manage to do so, it would still be an amazing achievement, whether or not he takes a spot as one of the top three scorers of all time.

The fact that Durant is a jump shooter, it would be very difficult to near impossible to score as much as Kareem did. Kareem could score so much due to his position and his style of play. Kareem was always near the bucket and he had many second chance oportunities due to his size, and let's not forget how great Kareem was fundamentally. He could score anyway he wanted to, whether that be from his signature hook shot, dunking, or shooting mid range jumpers, he could do it all.

That's not exactly the case for Durant. He may be a very good all-around player, but he won't have as many chances under the basket as Kareem did and for that reason, it will be near impossible to score so much. It would be very hard for Durant to be as consistent as Kareem merely because Durant has to shoot lower percentage shots and like I said, I just don't see him surpassing Kareem.

Andre Iguadala, Genius Or Moron?

“Kevin Durant will be the NBA’s all-time leading scorer when it’s all said and done,” Iguodala said emphatically, “He loves the game and has a knack for putting the ball in the basket.”

This is what Andre Iguadala told the media just recently.

I'd say he's neither actually, Iguadala just hasn't thought this through and I hope this piece I've presented at least gave you a better idea of this debate, don't be the next Iguadala and make a fool out of yourself.