Brett Favre Traded To New York Jets: "F-4" Gets Tactical With All New Jet Team

Patrick ReadSenior Writer IAugust 7, 2008

            A Legend "Touches-Down" In New York With The Jet


  •     Believe In Miracles Gang Green,  Pack Fans Left Stupefied. 


                August 7, 2008   -   Washington DC


The news-opera, "MisGuided Lies," is finally over and what a win for Brett Favre and the Jets who are "moving forward" and  building a new stadium for their fans, they have added several new pro-bowl talents to their franchise this offseason and now, picked up the all-time best quarter-backs of the NFL, in # 4. 

Ø  The Jets were 4 and 12 last year and are now being called play-off hopefuls.

Not since obtaining Bill Parcells has New York benefited from such a controversial move and they are all-in to win, proving to their fans that their organization is "committed to excellence," results and "are moving forward with a new quarter back."

The NY Jets have spent 100 millions dollars this past off-season in revamping their team towards regaining the fan base trust lost as they approach their landing in a state of the art new stadium to be shared by current co-resident, the Giants

The soon to be stadium is said to have the ability to actually change colors with a flick of a button from blue, to green.  No doubt Packer fans have been left blue in the face by the “green with envy” mismanagement over the Favre ordeal.

The Jets have added a whole new offense with 3 time Pro-Bowlerfull back, Tony Richardson from the Vikings.  The Green and White then obtained Running Back Jesse Chatman, who put up 1,000 yards last year for the Dolphins

In keeping with a bigger, better and stronger offense; Brett will join fellow team mate 6'6" 265-pound tight end known as Big Bubba Franks.  Franks was an All American in 1999 and was a 3 time Pro-Bowler for consecutive years in 2001, 02 and 03, plus was an alternate in 04. 

In 2005 he ended his season with a knee and neck injury. He suffered injuries in 2006 and '07 when some say Favre was "average," and then in 2008 he was let go by the Packers and signed by the Jets in February.  He is healthy now.

The Jets signed Free Agent, Mussa Smith, from the Ravens who led Georgia over Florida State in the 2003 Sugar Bowl with a 146 rushing yards.  He was drafted by the Cowboys and suffered a compound fracture of the tibia when horse collared by Roy Williams which led to a ban on the maneuver and was out for two seasons.  In 2006 he earned his spot behind Jamal Lewis and led the NFL in pre-season totals with 123 yards on 13 carries.  He is healthy too.   

Then the Jets picked up CFL Star Ashlan Davis, who led the Montreal Alouettes in all purpose yards and had 43 catches stretching 475 yards.  They signed Tight End AJ Shable who is a general all-out rough neck, being both a full back and line backer he will be the blocking Tight End at 6'4" 273, he is shorter, but bigger than Bubba.

 Adding defense the Green and White signed Linebacker, Calvin Pace, who last year led the Colts in tackles and had 7 sacks.  They added a big offensive lineman; Pro-Bowler and 2 time alternate who weighs 345 pounds, Damien Woody. 

They also added 3 more corner backs, one being first round draft pick Andre Woolfolk.  Free Agent Alan Faneca was a 5 timeSteeler Pro-Bolwer and has a Super Bowl Ring who now calls New York home along with the 3 time Pro-Bowler from the Panthers, Nose Tackle Kris Jenkins.  

The Jets have not won a Division tile since Bill Parcells in 1998 and experienced a draught before that going back to their last Division Title won in 1982.  They will probably let go of Pennington, who has only 3 of 6 winning seasons since taking the reigns in 2002. they have a younger and more trainable quarterback in Kellen Clemens.

New York has a massive void in their media-market with the loss of ex-Giant captain turned media star, Mike Strahan, and all time Tight End great, Jeremy Shockey.  The New York monolithic media must have been scratching their proverbial heads about who to fill it with, but scratch no more.

Favre without question has made the right decision based on market exposure alone.  He will now make money for himself, outside the league, by way of endorsements obtained in the capital of the free market in the world. 

Do not undersell the impact that one superior quarterback can have on a team's success.  I give you Brett Favre, who took a “slumping for decades” 4 & 12 Packer team before his arrival and turned it into a winning 9 & 7 team his very first year and didn't stop winning for years to come. Brett Favre had a career year in 2007/08 and now he will do the same for the New York Jets.

As for the Packers and predictions that Green Bay will be better than the Jets - search out when the last star who won a Bowl for Green Bay was forced out of his normal position.       

It was Vince Lombardi, who had the Head Coaching position and was the General Manager as well, but was forced to the front office alone.  Vince Lombardi earned Green Bay 2 Super Bowl Championships and hesitantly accepted a Management position alone. 

When manager alone, the Packers experienced their first loser-season since Lombardi's appearance as Head Coach in 1959 through 1968, and lost under the "star coach's replacement" with Coach Bengston with a record of 6 wins and 7 losses in 1969.

After Lombardi fulfilled his "office duties" for one year, he then went back to his passion and became the Head Coach once again, but not in Green Bay.  He retired a Washington Red Skin.  Sounding all too familiar, Favre too was forced out of Green Bay.

Mike Holmgren left under the same concerns of not being able to Manage and Coach.  He went onto to turn the franchise around for the positive with 7 of 9 winning season and won The Seahawk's first Conference Title in their team's history. 

 Ted Thompson defenders should note that General Managers alone do no make or break teams' but some coaches do -note to Mike McCarthy defenders, some coaches break teams, just ask Jimmy Johnson. 

If you actually believe that Favre was not good because of 2005 and 2006, then ask yourself what changed in 2007.  They finally added talent that Favre could finally shine with and shine he did.  Now the Jets have added talent and then got Favre on top of it. He put on a clinic with surrounding talent last year, especially in the Play Offs but was shunned again in the off-season when campaigning for Randy Moss, again.

If you think that Rodgers is the future, then ask yourself where Aaron will be after this year, when he becomes a Free Agent.  Do you think he will stay in a place that will come to despise him, who already chant, "We Want Brett?" 

Look for Aaron to try and repair the damage done to his own market by a team who has not played him in 3 long years.  Good, bad or indifferent, it has been awhile since Aaron had to play a full game, much less against a real defense.

Average Rodgers is not Steve Young and anyone saying such is asinine, because Young earned his starting role as Joey “The Mountain,” Joe Montana, went down with injury and Young stepped-up and won the MVP.  They both earned their colors.  

Ø  As has Brett Favre.

Favre can be compared to Montana though, but with bigger numbers, as Montana brought the KC Chiefs to the post-season in his first year playing in Kansas City.  

Good luck in Pack-Land to all the Pack-Fans, but take it one game at a time to ease your frustrations. 

Have fun in the Jet's Sky and look forward to a quarterback who actually launch-up more points than kicker, Mike Nugent.  No doubt Favre's impact will be big on a team who went 4 and 12 last year, where Green Bay might be this year as they were when Favre took over in 1992.

The power of cheese is not comparable to the G-Force of a true Legend.  Favre is the best scrambling quarter back in the league, bar none and now the forceful arm that is Favre will power up the Jets for NY.  

So, did Green Bay lie when they said they had contacted Minnesota about a trade and can ESPN finally call it like it is?

                                               The New York Media.

You have to love the cheerleaders who tell you what they’re going to tell you, then they tell you, and finally mis-tell you what was just told.

Yes, New York is the media-mecca of the world and it might be a bit of a culture shock if Brett was just coming in from Mississippi, but he isn't.  He has effectively, and with dignity, dealt with a media who can not speak the truth to save their asses.

New York's media is not beholding to anyone and will call out any owner, on any lie told their customer-base, like any responsible business they are loyal to those that make their success possible; that is unless that business is beholden to the owner or the league itself. 

However, New York City is a country within a state and Favre is all too familiar with most media type anyhow. Now, I moved to Mississippi right from New York and was initially shocked, but in the long run found a very admirable people who are steeped in hospitality and what’s more important.....loyalty.

And don't think that the New York people won't have an affect on Brett.  He may just, as he put it, "be a country boy from the south and only up in NY to play football," but once there he will find an extremely resolute people who have been through and dealt with the biggest-ever terrorist attack in the nation's history and changed for the better. 

                 Favre's Impact on New York and New York's on Favre.

If you think that how 9.11 impacted New Yorkers is a moot issue and that "we" have moved on, then just ask those that still live in NY and who pass by the cavities day after day, where once stood the World Trade Center Towers, about how real an issue it remains.

Brett will find in many ways that New York has been through a re-birth herself, just like anyone who has been too proud and then fallen.

 New York has grown past just being the wealthy-eilte that some have always claimed.  Like anyone relapsed, New York relapsed too and suffered embarrassment with the loss of its elected-elite, Elliot Spitzer, and will learn from it as well.   

Favre will, without question, recognize the New-New York and how it’s changed and will be affected by New York for the positive and give an unwavering resiliency to her new star. 

Brett Favre could be the most well-known Jets player in their history, but he has to play nice to all the kids at the playground - the media. 

Mayor Bloomberg slighted Favre with a  "Broadway Sign" and Favre coolly said that he wasn't there to go to "shows" on Broadway - he is there to play football.  Bloomberg is the owner of Bloomberg Sports - and should know better than to give Brett Favre a sign with Namath’s patent on it - that's Brett Favdre, a living legend and 57.3% better than Namath - young or ol and crippled.

Favre on the other hand has to put any prejudice aside for New York and give her people a shot, and that means everyone.  Brett is said to play with child-like enthusiasm - great, because NY loves its athletes less than professional.  Brett should be more engaging and down to life.  NY doesn’t want another A-Rod, who is a media professional. 

They want Favre to look like he's at least having fun –so, he needs to laugh-it-up with fans and reporters in the huge playground called New York City.  With that, then Favre becomes "mammoth," not Namath.

For now, the Fighting Jets have been scrambled and cleared for take-off, their fans will watch on with shock and awe as laser guided rockets are fired from a cannon from behind the lines that go out to hit a laser guided mark. 

"F-4" is extremely tactical, ever maneuverable and has the gun honed in on one primary, with always an alternate just in case, rest assured Gang Green because Fit Favre had a career year and will be sure to hit the mark for NY.


                 Believe Gang- Green, Believe.


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