Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers & Green Bay Packer's MisManagement ...True Lies

Patrick ReadSenior Writer IAugust 5, 2008

                                    A “PACK” OF TRUE LIE$   

                                     A  Golden Standard Tarnished  



Washington DC  -  August 5, 2008

After talking this over with several writers and talking to an attorney I have come to believe that, what Green Bay is actually doing here, is conducting a marketing campaign to draw more fan-fare during the off-season, thus this is the final and last installment of the Sports-Opera called, "MisGuiding Light."

Mark Murphy, Packer President and grease man extraordinaire, said on August 2 that the Packers would turn this news-opera into their advantage. Their drama has managed to obtain headlines for two straight months now. 

They have drawn angered emotion, whether an Aaron Rodgers fan or Brett Favre loyalist, and accomplish the biggest farce in all of sports history by selling their fans a bogus Holly Wood script. 

They even have Michael Strayhan is telling football fans that “there is no way that Rodgers can’t beat out Favre, at his age.”  If that was true than why wouldn’t the Pack Misled management “put up, or shut up?”  If true then why did Favre take the Jints into overtime last year?

Release Favre, if this is so true, and watch how much he can't compete. At least he didnt sell the game out for a broadcasting contract, like Tikki - right Mike?? Yeah, right buddy, have fun announcing.

I hear Dallas could use a more clutch-quarter back, how would the Packers fend off Favre in Stars palying in the NFC Play-Offs with their Green Aaron?

Just days ago Mis-Manager Ted Thompson told everyone on national TV that there would be an open competition to settle the quarter back drama.  If all this is real, then this is one more lie to add in the holey cheese-head memory bank.

First there was Mike, “Mah-mah-mah” McCarthy who asked for a hundred percent Favre commitment as early as March, before the dramatic retirement speech.  Then “Mah-Mah-Mah” McCarthy told us on July 30 that the “grease money” had been on the table since the retirement drama, which would mean that it was planned by committee a long time ago.

Then Thompson told his fan base that “If Brett really wanted to play, and then he would file (unnecessary) reinstatement documents and would be added to our active roster.”  This news source broke that Favre never even filed official retirement paperwork with the NFL, so there would be no need to file reinstatement docs.

Fans bought into the false tampering charges leveled against Minnesota, who could care a less what happens in Wisconsin, issued by Thompson and Murphy "The Grease;" only to find that Favre said that he wasn’t making any calls on a Pack issued cell, much less talking about a possible future with another team.  Instead he said that Management had been lying about him the whole time, since March.

This story is way too surreal to be true.  There is no way in hell that any organization who is trying to maintain a loyal fan base does this to the best football player in this generation, much less to the face of their franchise who has brought them the most success since, rest his true Green and Gold soul, Vince Lombardi.

He too was thwarted in Green Bay and was asked to be the General Manager alone, in 1968. He handed the coaching position over to Phil Bengston, who suffered the first Pack losing season in 10 years and they failed to make the play offs for the first time since 1958, when Vince took over.

Did he stay a Packer though and retire to secure a true wall to wall Pack career?  No, he ended his coaching dominance in Washington with the Red Skins in 1969, who needs a quarterback this year too. 

Maybe the Pack with keep with tradition and be green with envy, over the success of others who actually have something to do with football and made ownership their gold.

In 16 years, from 1992 to 2007, Brett took over the starting role in the fourth game of his first year on the team, as opposed to the highest paid bench guy in NFL history, Aaron Rodgers who hopes to have the position given to him in his 4th year.

After earning his role and not just inheriting it, Favre went on to be the only NFL player in history to win the MVP for 3 consecutive years, which is a three-peat to make any Pats fan proud because he didn’t cheat. 

Favre has the most consecutive games (totaled 275) record, along with the most completions record (5,377), most passing yards record (61,655), most career victories record (160) and the most touchdowns record (442) in league history; and is coming off a career year in 2007/08 too.   

Favre is Legend. Aaron is not and will not lead the Pack to better their chances at a play off run much less the success in the play offs, even from last years play offs.

This is why I can not believe the “disingenuous hype” any longer and this will be my last article covering the issue. 

IF Green Bay management is serious, then Pack-Fans fans should urge Favre to go to practice and work the hell out of himslef, run stairs, throw absolute bombs on the side-line, show off, then joke around with the media so that maybe he gets a chance to play - instead of a chance to be lie too again.

The only thing the fans have heard, lie after lie, after lie, after lie and now there is thing fans do not believe and that's Green Bay Management. 

Make some noise 4, because if all this is really true then you are being abused by management, and it is a good thing Gene Upshaw (PLAYERS UNION) is not involved, because he is in the leagues pocket anyhow, taking illegal loans from the player’s pocket-book, per Mike Ditka, who could help Brett, be a BEAR.

If he can not be allowed to compete, like he was just pomised in negotiation, then the Packers are really forcing him out, and only want him around to tarnish him which will result in shunning more fans in the process.  They are affecting his market, not the other way around. 

Helluva family there Teddy, Mikey, and Markie "The Grease."

Favre has to market himslef like a draft hopeful would, which is the only thing that is deplorable in his whole career.

The “Pocketeers” could have had the best of both worlds, but IF this is all true then they care not about winning or about ethics and moral code; they care about glorifying themselves alone.  

If true I know one thing for sure, I will be rooting against the Pack, which I don’t ever remember doing; and rooting against Aaron Rodgers too. He is not Favre, he can not compare to Favre, can not scramble like Favre either and he will get hurt.

Maybe Favre should follow in Coach Lombardi's foot steps down to DC, we have a great change of seasons here unlike a more southern town. 

Or he could do like Bill “The Best” Parcells and go to New York.  I know it might be hard for a Mississippi boy to do, but this New Yorker served out a contract in Mississippi for 3 years so I imagine that 4 could do the same. 

Make some real money Brett in "I LOVE NY", and you will be a hero in a town who needs one, especially given this century's events.  Favre would "Love NY Too," with all the cash he'd EARN in marketing himself. He would have sneaker deals, soft drink commercials, Wheaties Box Features etc etc etc. 

NY is the free market capital of the world, Green Bay? Not so much.  It is just business, right?

If Green Bay Management gets away with the invasion of privacy accomplished over a private citizen's rights, who was using his own cell phone, of which Thompson confessed to having first hand knowledge of, then the continuous lies that they have told would impress the biggest perjurer and obstruction artist of all, Bill Clinton. 

He has got to be watching on in utter amazement, saying “Now come on! That is just going way too far!"

Since this has become a joke and Green bay has now become the laughing stock of the league, then I am not wasting my time on it, nor yours any longer.  When Strayhan can say that Green Bay is "out in the weds and basically a no-where place anyhow," then it is very clear that Brett would do better someplace else, where the market is a bit larger.

Jim Cook talks a good talk, but can he walk the tough walk?

This has got to be either the real "Bizzarro World" or it is just an evil, but genious,  marketing campaign.  Either way I am glad I am not on the Packers right now and glad I am not in Green Bay too.

Good luck Pack-House, Milwaukee isn't too far away, they have the "best ice" anyhow.

One thing to believe that this is all real Pack-Fans, is that Green Bay hired Ari Fleischer on as a PR Representative for one month.  He is a former Presidential Press Secretary turned media relations guru who owns and founded, Ari Fleischers Sports Communications, in NY. 

With this mess, Green Bay may wan't to reconsider any monies ear-maked because Fleischer was just there to help last Friday, and apparently he must have advised them to lie, which is never a good policy in a major controversy. 

So much for a free-makrket, surival of the fittest and freedom to compete, that fundamental American philosphy just went down with yesterday's sausage



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