Brett Favre, His Legacy & Forcing His Retirement. Will Packer Fans Forgive GM?

Patrick ReadSenior Writer IJuly 14, 2008

July 14th, 2008

Washington DC

As made clear by Brett Favre on Fox News with Greta Van Susteren, and contrary to what ESPN sells you, Brett Favre will be in Green Bay Packer Gold and Green, or he will not play at all.

In a recent letter to ESPN (who acts as if it was never written despite their having read it on air), the Packers' General Manager Ted Thompson said, "if (Favre) is reinstated, then he will be on our activate roster, and we will deal with it then." 

Thompson also said, "As of right now Aaron Rodgers is the Packs' starter, and Favre is retired."

Favre said, "They won't tell me that I will play." Leaving him a back-up quarterback.  Favre, a back up? Yeah-sure, and Thompson will be run out of town by the fans who have voted overwhelmingly to keep this legend as their QB.

Favre is Green Bays' best shot at the play-offs, and this is all a scum-bag move by Thompson who is seemingly just trying to force Favre out of the league.   He would rather play a rookie, Aaron Rodgers, this year before he becomes an unrestricted free agent next year. 

Rodgers does look forward to playing too, but there is a right way to have him take the reigns, and a wrong way.  It is a question of earning the job, versus just being a "company man," a yes man, a teacher's pet; and Favre has voiced his lack of agreement with management over the last yeas - not exactly being a "yes man."

The Packers went to the NFC Championship game this year, and after 3 weeks went by Coach McCarthy (Thompsons' boy) started to call  Brett once a week asking where he was in his decision making process.  Brett, not being 100% sure, said "I don’t know yet.

McCarthy then told Brett they had to move-on, implying that Rodgers would be the starter this year, so thus the retirement speech on ESPN in March.  They forced Brett to make a call on whether or not he was 100% committed to play, and maybe not even as a starter back in March.  Then the sniffles came about, and no one in Green Bay was happy, except maybe Aaron Rodgers who was being given the reigns.

Green Bay ownership, general manager and coach are attempting to force Brett Favre to retire regardless of Legacy.  But Favre can still play, and proved it last year.  He wants to still play, and proved it on Fox News last night. 

Favre is a starter whose position must be taken away by Aaron Rodgers, and not by mismanagement.  How would that Legacy suit Green Bay?  Thompson does not own Favre,  as slavery ended in 1864.  Thompson seems to want, and own Brett; and what he does, or doesn't do. 

Green Bay's legacy might be that they force retired the best all time quarterbackin football history to let a kid with one year left on his contract to get a shot.  He is a rookie that hasn't played a game in 4 years.  Aaron is handling this like a pro though, and it is not his doing.  But if that happens I am sure many would secretly hope for Rodgers to not live up, as Favre watches on. 

If Thompson doesn't want Brett to play on the Packers, then they should trade, or realse him so that he can continue his streak, and other records.   Isn't that what this is all about?  If Favre retires now then he retires having played the most consecutive games in football history with one team - Thompson's.   If he doesn't retire, and doesn't start, then Thompson snapped the streak for no reason - especially given last year's stellar performance.

If they trade Brett to Washington, or the Bears then he didn't quite play his whole career in Wisconsin.   Someone is definitely selfish here, and it ain't no Brett Favre neither.

 He can still play at MVP level talent,  realizes he is getting older and there is not much time left for him to accomplish his goals.  And now Green Bay wants to take his livelihood away?  And that is called them being un-selfish?

Brett's legacy is Bretts', although Thompson could secure it as a Packer with the right decision.  Ted certainly isn't doing this out of concern for Brett's health.  Forcing a legend out of the game is not looked at favorably by Green Bay fans.  You know, the ones who pay the bill! 

The Packers fans love Favre, and that should be enough.  The Pack-House showed their support for Favre at Lambeau Fieldjust yesterday - shouting in one voice, "Bring Back Brett."  In the spirit of Lambeau, and Vince Lombardi, which are Legends of the Game, Favre is too, and is all Green and Gold. 

Fans have vowed to continue their show of support for Favre, saying that thery will be At Lambeau every Sunday demanding Favres' return from now until the season starts.

Meanwhile, the media continuously thrusts their opinions on all to hear, saying much the same thing, that Favre should hang it up, or that it is Aarons’ turn, and tell us where Favre might go. 

Yesterday, Stephen A. Smith - racy basketball columnist extraordinaire - called out, "ESPN and FOX Sports. They need to get real."  He bashed columnist saying "the love affair with Favre and the media has got to stop, or I am going to throw a shoe at my big, flat screen TV."  In the end though Smith sold out, big broken flat-screen TV or not, because his rant was the echo of them all, who also say Favre should go to another, or just go away.  Note: Smith is not a Packers man. 

Smith would love to know that Favre chose Fox to break the latest news, which will air tonight at 10 pm eastern, "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren," a real fan who doesn't care to make the news as much as to report it. 

Favre reported to Fox that Mike McCarthy said to him that Green Bay has moved on, yet they can not move on at the same time.  They will not commit to Brett being a starter, nor will the let Favre go to another team, and a trade is really not possible. They won't trade him, won't play him, but welcome him back?  

The Packers' ownership are the ones saying no to fans, and no to history...for now.

Some say Brett is being selfish and not a team player.  Brett, selfish?  Green Bay are the ones hogging the cake here, and fully shoving it down their mouths leaving only small crumbs for the fans that are the "Pack-House."  While offering Brett - nothing?  Wow.

How about this Mr. Thompson, make Aaron earn the starting position over Favre, like Steve Young did Joe Montana.  Of course Young went on to win the MVP the year he took over for an injured Montana. Could Rodgers do that same thing with his first starts?  

He should have had the opportunity to win the job four years ago, if Aaron could do it.  Rodgers should get some snaps though during the games to prove he can handle it.  It should not be all a guessing game.   It could be a win-win situation, but Thompson is too stubborn to realize it.  Only in Green Bay is having too much talent a bad thing. 

Aaron might have the chance to take the starting role away from Favre, If Aaron is as good as some say, he plays in the pocket and against professional defenses as well, and can score like Favre then he has a chance.  So why hasn't management given it to him so far?  If he can not step up and di just that, then it might be "good-bye to Rodgers", who again - may choose to leave next year anyhow when he becomes an unrestricted "Free" Agent.  What future is there to be certain of other than Brian Brohm? 

Enter Brian Brohm, who was just picked up this year, placing the writing on the wall showing the Packs future.  Many suggested Brohm would beat out Rodgers for the QB role of the future Pack, post Legend and record holding Favre.  Those ones are the same that now say Rodgers will beat out Favre.  Fans want to see Rodgers prove it, before handing the reigns over blindly.

As of today, right now, Aaron Rodgers is their starter, he is guaranteed a Packer for exactly one more year.  He is making $12 Million per year, and certainly happy enough to cash those checks.  Making only $1 Million per year more is Brett Favre, who has 3 more years left on his contract or two more years then Rodgers.  One can not assume he will not fulfill it, after all it was management who offered it this way.

Rodgers' market has been affected in a negative way while with the Pack.  Not of his own doing, but by riding in the back seat while Favre, the Legend, has carried this team on his back.  Favre has earned the money, has the records, and makes the Pack's chances at success this year better than does young Rodgers. 

We all know how Favre has mastered handling the pressure brought by professional defenses.  No one knows how Aaron will cope in the Pros, where he might well get his leg broken just like Joe Theisman.  Thank goodness for Favre in that scenario too. 

What team would accept Favre in a trade?  He makes $ 13 Million per year, and the receiving team would have to absorb a $ 39 Million contract overall. 

Favre, the salty vet, may just throw a straight arm to Aaron who wants his job, while also throwing more touchdowns adding to his record, and add to his record of most consecutive games played, and won.  Truly, a historic record that belongs to Brett Favre, and not to Ted Thompson.

Rodgers should "get a shot", and by getting some playing time he could take the ball away from Favre.  It is a possibility, but so is landing a man on Mars anytime soon. 

This is all a one big game played within a game, and a gut-wrenching one at that for the Pack-House fans to watch on in dread. 

The latest polls show that Green Bay Fans overwhelmingly are calling for Brett’s' return as the starter in Green Bay. 75% of fans in Green Bay want Brett, and 64% of fans nationwide want Favre back as well. Funny how that telephone poll, and resulting article was written in Chicago.

 Free Brett, play him or let Favre go where ever he wants to play. It is after all, America. 




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