"Wheres The Creativity In That, Why WWE Keeps Shooting Themselves In The Foot"

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The Credibility of Champions:

What do I mean? Well let's see I was watching RAW earlier tonight and saw Team WWE taking on Nexus, and while I feel the ending wasn't so bad it was what happened before it.

When Sheamus, the Two Time WWE Champion, and one of WWE top main-eventers, got pinned by Heath Slater, yes, HEATH SLATER, I was just frustrated. I mean if WWE wants Sheamus to be a CREDIBLE Champion, why have Heath Slater, a man who hasn't even won a single title, pin him.

Im by no means a fan of John Cena, but the fact he got pinned by Justin Gabriel it made no sense. Mainly because the fact that Sheamus battled Cena for the WWE Championship multiple times and has yet to defend and beat Cena cleanly, but Gabriel does is beyond me...

The finish of the fight between Randy Orton and Wade Barrett wasn't bad, because as we all know Wade needed some momentum going into Night of Champions, but the fact that he pinned Orton cleanly, while Sheamus cannot is just absurd.


Now onto the last three World Champions, Jack Swagger, Rey Mysterio, and Kane.

Im sorry if you're a fan of any of the three (I'm a Swagger fan), but the World Championship has not been rightfully owned since Chris Jericho which was months ago...

The fact that WWE pushed Swagger so fast, and the fact that he couldn't transition to be a great "All American, American, World Heavyweight Champion", is their fault for pulling the trigger, I mean they could've built him by winning the a mid-card title first, build him up some more, then let him cash in Money in the Bank and successfully win the belt. Yes, I understand the shock value, but I also understand the proper way of pushing someone...

My Final Thoughts: Plain and simple, WWE needs to stop making their Champions look weaker than the contenders or even other superstars, it's getting ridiculous that someone who possesses the size, agressiveness and strength of Sheamus has to always run away from everyone smaller than he is...

WWE should've pushed Swagger at a comfortable pace for him. Also give someone like CM Punk the World title instead of giving Rey Mysterio the World title to only have him lose it a month later and now job to Alberto Del Rio, oh and by the way it was an extremely lackluster reign...

Let's Play Hot Potato... With the WWE and World Championships:

Where do I start...

Let's look at recent WWE Championship history:

Sheamus defeated John Cena to become New WWE Champion at TLC (12/13/09)

John Cena wins WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber (2/21/10)

Batista defeated John Cena to become New WWE Champion at Elimination Chamber (2/21/10)

John Cena defeated Batista to become New WWE Champion at Wrestlemania XXVI (3/28/10)

Oh by the way if you look at the previous Championship reigns before these, you'll see that the titles keep changing hands...

Now let's look at recent World Heavyweight Championship history:

Im not going to even list some of the results, but I what I will tell you is ridiculous...

There have been sixteen (16) different World Championship reigns in the last twenty two (22) months.

My Final Thoughts: The way WWE keeps booking these matches we'll see a couple of people who'll break Ric Flair's World Championship record and NO CREDIBLE CHAMPIONSHIP REIGNS...

Buried Alive Match: WWE Creative Team defeats CM Punk w/SES

The burying of what could be one of the greatest heels to EVER step foot in a WWE ring, CM Punk, who is one of the most complete superstars to ever win a World Championship. The guy has a "unique" look, but in a good way, a more modern look, excellent mic and wrestling skills, ability to draw major heat, great following, a multi-time World Champion and even a decorated indy wrestler.

But what is holding him back from being the top superstar on Smackdown? I really do not know. I mean Punk hasn't won a world title since his feud with Jeff Hardy last year (which was one of the best feuds of that year).

Let's look a recent CM Punk timeline:

Wrestlemania XXV- CM Punk wins Money in the Bank

Extreme Rules- CM Punk defeats Jeff Hardy to win World Championship

Summerslam 09'- CM Punk regains World Championship from Jeff Hardy after losing it a month before...

Now, the dawn of the burying of CM Punk

Hell in a Cell- I personally attended this PPV and it was a good one, but the opening match was the World Championship match? CM Punk loses World Championship to Undertaker, who by the way didn't even need the title...

Wrestlemania XXVI- CM Punk loses to Rey Mysterio...

Over the Limit- CM Punk loses to Rey Mysterio and in the process gets his head shaved bald...

Money in the Bank- Didn't even compete...

Summerslam 10'- Loses with his stable of Gallows and Mercury (3-on-1 Handicap match) to a bland Big Show...

Night of Champions- His hometown of Chicago, and most likely no match...

Over the course of the year, CM Punk has went from winning the World Title twice in the Summer, and ending the career of Jeff Hardy, to now, having his head shaved bald, putting on a mask, only to have it being taken off a month later and becoming Big Show's and Rey Mysterio's jobber...

The Lack of Decent-Great Storylines:

The WWE had great storylines which lasted for years, Rock/Austin, Triple H/Shawn Michaels, Angle/Lesnar.

Even more modern storylines, Jeff Hardy/CM Punk, Randy Orton/Triple H (Pre Wrestlemania).

But now the only decent feud I've seen this year is Nexus/WWE, and it has been getting blander and blander as the weeks go by. I mean multiple feuds WWE has failed upon this year, HUGE feuds with the likes of Edge versus Chris Jericho and Randy Orton versus Edge, which could've been one of the best recent feuds I've seen since Edge/Cena in 2006, Michaels-Taker in 2009/10, or even Jericho-Michaels of 08'.

My Final Thoughts: What WWE needs to do is have someone turn heel for the better of their career and expand, such as John Cena, Triple H, Kofi Kingston, John Morrison, or even R-Truth.

If you want to see great feuds WWE could've done check this out...


This is all for now, there are a lot of things the creativity is messing up on, but as for now I'm done.

Thanks for reading, comment if you'd like...


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